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Erdogan accuses the West of ‘barbarism’ and Islamophobia in the war in Gaza

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan used a speech on human rights Saturday to accuse the West of “barbarism” for its stance on the Israel-Hamas war and what he alleged was its toleration of Islamophobia. “Israel has carried out atrocities and massacres that will shame the whole of humanity,” Erdogan told a packed hall in Istanbul the day before the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. “All the values relating to humanity are being murdered in Gaza. In the face of such brutality, international institutions and human rights organizations are not taking any concrete...

Erdogan: The UN Security Council needs to be reformed

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan on Saturday called for the United Nations Security Council to be reformed, decrying the fact that the United States could veto a ceasefire proposal for Gaza despite huge support from other countries. "The United Nations Security Council demand for ceasefire is rejected only by U.S. veto. Is this justice?," Erdogan said in a human rights conference in Istanbul. "The U.N. Security Council needs to be reformed," he added.

Türkiye’s Erdoğan hopes for new chapter in bilateral relations after Greece visit

Türkiye's President Tayyip Erdoğan said that he hopes his visit to Greece next week will open a new chapter in Ankara-Athens relations. On his flight back from United Arab Emirates, Erdoğan told reporters that there are differences of opinion on some issues between Türkiye and Greece but there is also room for improvement in others, according to Turkish media.

Turkish President Erdogan tells the UAE President that Israel’s resumption of attacks on Gaza is extremely negative

According to the statement made by the Turkish Presidency, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan met with the President of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, at the World Climate Action Summit held in Dubai within the scope of the 28th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28). Erdogan told al-Nahyan that Israel's resumption of attacks on Gaza after a week-long ceasefire was "extremely negative." In the statement, "Stating that the resumption of hostilities is extremely negative, President Erdoğan said that Turkey is making efforts to ensure a permanent...

Turkish, Iranian leaders affirm mutual stance against Israel

Turkish President Tayyip ErdoĞan and Iranian counterpart Ebrahim Raisi discussed on a call on Sunday the importance of Muslim countries, especially Türkiye and Iran, taking a common stance against "Israeli brutality in the Palestinian territories." "Israel's unlawful attacks on Gaza, humanitarian aid efforts for Palestinians and possible measures towards a permanent ceasefire in the region were discussed during the phone call," the Turkish Presidency said in a statement.

Fahrettin Altun Advocates for Open Dialogue between Türkiye and Greece

Breaking the ice of long-held diplomatic tensions, Fahrettin Altun, the Turkish Communications Director, underscored the crucial role of open communication channels between Türkiye and Greece. The intent: to foster trust, respect, and address the enduring issues that have been a thorn in the side of both nations. Altun’s remarks, made during an interview with the Greek daily Ta Nea, stressed the indispensable pillars of transparency, predictability, and good neighborly relations in creating a conducive environment for resolving differences. A Nod to Historical Neighborliness Altun didn’t shy away from reflecting on the historical bonhomie shared during the leadership...

Erdoğan: React the same way to the civilian deaths, regardless of whether they are Jewish, Muslim, or Christian

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan invites all the leaders to react the same way to the civilian deaths, regardless of whether they are Israeli, Palestinian, Jewish, Muslim, or Christian. Stating that the tragedy in Gaza has now exceeded the limits of humanity's tolerance, Erdoğan said, "You know, two days ago, November 20th, was World Children's Day. Unfortunately, about seven thousand innocent Palestinian children could not see that day. Because the Israeli government deprived 14,000 civilians, including these children, of their "right to life," which is considered the most fundamental right. They forced Palestinians to emigrate from their homes. They mercilessly...

Increase in global sales of Turkish drones

Following Qatar and Kuwait, Saudi Arabia recently signed an agreement to purchase the TB2 UCAV from Türkiye. The exceptional combat performance and cost-effectiveness of TB2s have contributed to their increased sales in recent years. Türkiye sold over 500 TB2 UCAVs to 32 countries. After completing its first flight in August 2014, the medium-altitude and long-endurance UAV developed by Baykar for the Turkish army entered the army inventory. The TB2 has a combat altitude of 5500 metres, a maximum flight altitude of 8200 metres, and a maximum speed of 220 km per hour. TB2's battery life is up to 27 hours. TB2, which has...

Patients from Gaza travel to Türkiye for medical care

Türkiye has once received patients from the Gaza Strip for treatment. According to a statement made in Ankara on Monday by Minister of Health, Fahrettin Koca, 61 patients and 49 attendants arrived on the same day. Patients will be treated in hospitals here. Ankara has previously hosted cancer patients too. According to Koca, the majority of the patients currently transported by plane are cancer patients. According to the state-run Anadolu Agency, 42 Turkish citizens were evacuated from Gaza and brought to İstanbul on Sunday evening.