On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Türkiye, we are filled with trust and enthusiasm as we embark on a journey guided by the vision of the Century of Türkiye. Under the leadership of our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, we strive with all of our might for a more prosperous and peaceful future for our cherished nation.

The Presidential System of Government, which constitutes the backbone of prosperity and stability in the Century of Türkiye, has brought along new regulations enabling our nation to make breakthroughs in strategic communication, press, public relations, and public diplomacy, among other fields.

Without a doubt, the establishment of the Presidency's Directorate of Communications, which is the inheritor of a long-standing state practice in the field of communications and media, on July 24, 2018, stands out as the most significant of these regulations for us.

The Presidency's Directorate of Communications has embraced the principles of carrying its enduring state experience in the realm of its duties and responsibilities to today's world, staying ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving communication field, and acting as a hub for a solution-oriented approach to all types of issues and challenges.

Our most essential tasks have been creating a unified state discourse in the national and international spheres and serving as the most reliable source of accurate information about Türkiye in its international promotion. In this regard, our Directorate has emerged as the key player in our state's national and international promotion and has taken on such crucial tasks as establishing the state's strategies and policies in this particular field and setting up the necessary coordination between our public institutions and organisations.

Since the day we were founded as the Directorate of Communications, we have been working diligently and resolutely in accordance with the "Great Türkiye Vision in the Century of Türkiye" and with a keen awareness of the gravity of our responsibility.

We are constructing communication channels between the state and the nation so that the nation's will, which is the cornerstone of our democracy, can be reflected in the administrative and political functioning of our state in the strongest possible way. We also devote our attention to ensuring that CİMER (Presidency's Communication Centre), which was established for this purpose, is outfitted with cutting-edge technology and operates flawlessly. As part of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's perspective of leadership and politics based on the will of the nation, we consider it our top priority to meet the demands and needs of our citizens in a timely manner by placing them at the centre of administrative processes.

Today, the effectiveness and success of CİMER, which is appreciated all over the world as one of the most valuable examples of participatory democracy, transparent and responsible governance, and effective public communication, have gained very strong momentum.

Our efforts to improve the working conditions of members of the press and to facilitate their professional lives, which are among our primary responsibilities, continue uninterruptedly. We are doing our best to solve the problems faced by members of the press while performing their work, and we, as the Directorate of Communications, fulfil our duties and responsibilities so that they can work with greater ease and convenience.

We are developing Türkiye's roadmap in the field of public diplomacy and operating all over the world within the framework of the most comprehensive planning and strategy ever undertaken. One of our primary objectives is to strengthen the Türkiye brand in every field, from humanitarian diplomacy to cultural diplomacy, from sports to gastronomy.

We utilise cutting-edge communication technologies to convey Türkiye's rightful arguments, capabilities, power, and accomplishments to the world.

As part of our duties and responsibilities, we take the necessary measures against fake news, perception management operations, and disinformation in a proactive manner, and we fight resolutely against black propaganda campaigns and disinformation attacks against Türkiye.

In this regard, we combat the "Crisis of Truth," one of the gravest crises of our time, by strengthening the cooperation and coordination mechanisms of all relevant institutions and organisations and by utilising effective institutional structures, such as the Centre for Combating Disinformation.

We strive to represent our country, which has become a stabilising force in its immediate geography and on a global scale, in its fight for the truth in the face of contemporary challenges in the field of communication.

We endeavour to carry out activities in the field of strategic communication and crisis management and to expand our collaborations in this field. We are advancing through events such as "Stratcom," which has become a brand in the field of strategic communication, qualified training programmes, and academic studies, and we are working diligently to make the Century of Türkiye a communication century.

We empower the Türkiye brand through positive communication campaigns and undertake initiatives to promote our country internationally.

In order to contribute to the most accurate presentation and promotion of Türkiye in the international arena in all its aspects, we produce publications in different languages and deliver them to foreign publics at many levels, from leaders to the general public.

Within the framework of the Türkiye Communication Model that we have developed for a great and more powerful Türkiye, we strive to develop a comprehensive communication strategy and set of tools that will help our country reach new heights. We continue our endeavours to make the Century of Türkiye a century of robust and effective communication, as well as communication that promotes truth and justice.

To create the perception of a strong and dependable Türkiye, we continue to strengthen mutual understanding and cooperation with our allies, friends, and brothers and sisters around the globe, always prioritising Türkiye's interests.

We reach out to all actors in our nation's and international relations on the basis of truth by effectively utilising the most cutting-edge elements of information technologies; we express our struggle for justice, prosperity, peace, and freedom for both our immediate geography and the entire world, using the language of our ancient civilisation that focuses on humanity.

We believe that Türkiye's voice has echoed a critical need for a fairer, more stable, and prosperous world in our region and globally.

In this regard, we will persist in supporting individuals who face injustice and persecution, with the aim of promoting global justice worldwide in accordance with our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's "The World is Bigger Than Five" motto.

Under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, we will continue to be the voice of our nation, vigorously carry Türkiye's rightful arguments into the international arena, build bonds of affection, and work with all of our might for a great and powerful Türkiye in the Century of Türkiye.

Head of Communications of the Presidency of the Republic of Türkiye

Prof. Fahrettin ALTUN