“Türkiye is one of the top five allies that contribute the most to NATO’s missions and operations”

“Türkiye is one of the top five allies that contribute the most to NATO’s missions and operations”

Delivering remarks prior to his departure to the U.S. for NATO Summit, President Erdoğan said: “Türkiye is one of the top five allies that contribute the most to NATO’s missions and operations. We are doing more than our share.”

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan delivered remarks during a press conference he held prior to his departure to the United States of America to attend the NATO Heads of State and Government Summit.

Stating that they will exchange views on how to strengthen NATO’s deterrence and defense structure and alliances’ means and capabilities during the Summit, President Erdoğan said: “Our Summit is particularly important since it coincides with NATO’s 75th foundation anniversary. We will follow up the decisions we took in Vilnius last year. On this occasion, during one of the sessions we will meet with leaders of Australia, Republic of Korea, Japan and New Zealand, NATO’s partners in the Indo-Pacific region, with the participation of the representatives of the European Union.”


“We will hold the last session in NATO-Ukraine Council format,” President Erdoğan went on to say, and added: “Our expectation from the Summit is to obtain results that pay regard to alliances’ sensitivities about their national security and strengthen the spirit of unity and solidarity of the Alliance. In this sense, the implementation of the decisions we took in Vilnius regarding the removal of the obstacles in defense industry trade between allies and anti-terror fight is important. During our talks, we will draw attention to the increasing threat of terror in the world, first and foremost our near environ. We will underscore the importance of increasing NATO’s efforts in putting up a determined and holistic fight against terrorist organizations.”

President Erdoğan continued as follows: “Türkiye’s commitment and support to Ukraine’s territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence is known by all. We preserve our principled stance on not turning NATO into a party of the war while planning the steps to be taken to support Ukraine. We have stated that ‘a just peace’ will have no losers since the very first day. To that end, particularly with the Istanbul Process, we have assumed any responsibility to first of all ensure a ceasefire and then clear the way for a lasting peace. Each day when weapons speak, blood is shed and lives are lost shows how accurately we have positioned ourselves.”


Stating that the consultations to be made in Washington will contribute to the identification of NATO’s new vision on the South region as well, President Erdoğan added: “Cyber world, fight against disinformation and challenges triggered by the advance technology will be on our agenda, too. The Washington Summit will highlight once again the fact that the central role in the security of the Europe-Atlantic region belongs to NATO.

“Türkiye is one of the top five allies that contribute the most to NATO’s missions and operations. We are doing more than our share. With our means and capabilities we develop on land, at sea and in the air, we are one of the leading backbone countries of NATO. The importance we attach to the Alliance in this period, when threats are increasingly diversifying, is obvious. We will bring up the ongoing massacres against the Palestinian people in Gaza, where our common values are being tested in terms of sincerity, to the agenda. We will stress that the international community has remained incapable of stopping Israel in the face of this grave picture, and that it is impossible for the global conscience to heave sigh of relief unless a just and lasting peace is established in Palestine. While voicing these matters at the highest level, I will raise all our assessments concerning all of them during the bilateral talks I will hold with allied heads of state and government as well.”