President Erdoğan’s message honoring Jewish citizens’ Hanukkah

President Erdoğan’s message honoring Jewish citizens’ Hanukkah

I sincerely congratulate our Jewish citizens’ Hanukkah.

As members of a deep-rooted civilization, which regards differences as richness, and refuses to make a distinction between religion, language and race, it is of great importance for us to ensure each and every one of our citizens’ liberty to practice their faith. 

Keeping this in mind, we have removed all the obstacles standing in the way of the freedom of religion and conscience one by one thanks to the reforms put into practice in the last 17 years.

We have not let anyone be marginalized based on their faith, appearance, and attire.

We have never given way to the climate of tolerance, in which 82 million people live in peace, be tainted in the hands of racist, discriminatory and extremist groups.

We will maintain our sensitivity in this matter and make sure that Turkey grows in an exemplary solidarity for the entire world to see.

In these exceptional days celebrated with these thoughts in mind, I extend my congratulations to the entire Jewish community on the occasion of Hanukkah and wish them well-being and happiness.