President Erdogan, US President Trump talk over phone

President of the Republic of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan has spoken by phone with U.S. President Donald Trump earlier this evening.
In addition to bilateral issues, the two leaders exchanged views on the proposed safe zone in the East of the Euphrates river.
The President reiterated that the creation of a safe zone is key to neutralizing the threat stemming from PKK-YPG terrorists and creating the conditions necessary for the return of Syrian refugees to their native country.
The President also stressed that Turkey, with its firm commitment to fighting Daesh terrorists in Syria, will take all necessary precautions for a similar problem to arise in the future.
The President shared with President Trump his frustration over the U.S. military and security bureaucracy’s failure to implement the agreement between their two nations.
The two leaders agreed to meet in Washington next month, per President Trump’s invitation.