President Erdoğan sends a written message to first International Family Symposium

President Erdoğan sends a written message to first International Family Symposium

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan sent a written message to the 1st International Family Symposium held at the Haliç Congress Centre with the main theme of “Family in the Digital Age” by the İstanbul Family Foundation.

Wishing the symposium to be prosperous and auspicious in his message, President Erdoğan congratulated İstanbul Family Foundation on leading the organisation of this important event. President Erdoğan thanked everyone who would contribute to the symposium with their opinions, evaluations and talks.

Noting that the modern life and way of thinking, which dominates the whole world, poses great threats to the family, which is the core of the society, President Erdoğan stated the following in his message:

“The number of people choosing to live alone is steadily rising. The number of nursing homes for the elderly is increasing. Divorce rates are on the rise, while marriage rates are unfortunately going down. People feel increasingly lonely in large crowds, yet the failure to replace the warmth of family and relatives leads to serious traumas in all societies. And what is worse, deviant lifestyles that are contrary to the common values ​​of humanity are encouraged in the name of individual freedom, and distorted relations are encouraged or even imposed through media and social media. Our top priority is to stand up to the deterioration of the family institution and protect the family, which is the pillar of society.”

President Erdoğan said, “At a time when the family is under increasing threat, I believe that this symposium will help people better appreciate the significance of this sacred institution and reinforce its position.”