President Erdoğan delivers remarks following the Presidential Cabinet Meeting

President Erdoğan delivers remarks following the Presidential Cabinet Meeting

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan delivered remarks to reporters following the Presidential Cabinet Meeting at the Presidential Complex.


Stating that although the presidential and parliamentary elections would have been due to take place on June 18, since the mentioned day coincided with the Eid al-Adha Eve, thus the hajj period; university exams; and with the school holiday, they needed the revise the date of the elections, President Erdoğan said: “As a result of our comprehensive consultations, we have found out that Sunday May 14, 2023 is the most appropriate date for the elections in all respects. We want to hold the elections in our country on that day in line with the regulations stated in the Constitution. We will be more than happy if the revision is made by our Parliament with a three-fifth majority pursuant to our Constitution. If not, I, as the President, will launch the process by taking our decision with a timeframe that will ensure that the elections are held on May 14.”


As regards the despicable attack in Sweden, President Erdoğan stressed that the attack was an insult to all, who respect the fundamental rights and freedoms of people, first and foremost to Muslims, and added: “That this nefarious attack was conducted outside the Turkish Embassy has turned the issue into both a religious and national matter for us. We know that since the Crusades, Islam and the notion of ‘Turk’ are considered to be equal, and we as the nation are proud of it. What is more, this mindset has for a very long time sought to legitimize embracing murderous terrorist organizations under the pretext of democracy. The last act of this mindset, which attacks the spiritual personality of the 85 million citizens of the Republic of Türkiye as well as the faith of billions of Muslims, is a sign that not even the slightest progress has been made for centuries.”

Noting that those, who had urged or turned a blind eye on this deviant act under the protection of their own security and police forces, had undoubtedly taken the consequences, President Erdoğan went on to say: “It is obvious that those, who allowed such a scandal outside our country’s embassy, can no longer expect any favor from us concerning their NATO membership application. No offense but we have been saying since the very beginning that you cannot expect any support from us in joining NATO as long as you allow terrorist organizations to roam your streets and everywhere. It is out of the question. You cannot expect such a support from us. Since they feel this much compassion towards, defend and protect the members of terrorist organizations and Islamophobics, we advise them to leave the defense of their country to the very same members of terrorist organizations and Islamophobics.”

“Whenever anyone behaves in an unscrupulous manner, in a vicious manner towards us, we show them their place,” President Erdoğan further stressed, adding: “The Swedish administration should not bother to mention rights and freedoms to us. If you are that respectful to rights and freedoms, you will respect the faith of the Republic of Türkiye or the Muslims in the first place. If you do not show this respect, then, no offense but you will not receive any support from us with regard to NATO.”