President Erdoğan congratulates Japan’s new Prime Minister Yoshihide

President Erdoğan congratulates Japan’s new Prime Minister Yoshihide

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan sent a congratulatory letter to Japan’s newly elected Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide.

President Erdoğan congratulated Suga Yoshihide, the newly elected prime minister of Japan and president of the Liberal Democratic Party, and sent his best wishes on his new post.

Reiterating that the foundation of the historic friendly ties between Turkey and Japan was laid 130 years ago today on September 16, 1890, with the Ertuğrul frigate incident in Kushimoto, Erdoğan said, “The fact that you were elected for this important task on such a meaningful date has been extraordinarily coherent with our history of friendship. I wish to carry this deep-rooted friendship, on the basis of the strategic partnership notion we established in 2013, to higher levels with your leadership and valuable contributions.”

Expressing his appreciation for the contributions made by Japan to global stability, peace, and welfare as a respectable and prominent member of the international community, President Erdoğan noted the following:

“I wholeheartedly believe that Turkish and Japanese nations, who are neighbours of the heart for each other beyond geographical distances, can make contributions aimed at directing the international community with our sincere joint efforts. In line with this understanding, I will be pleased to work in close cooperation with you on bilateral, regional, and international issues. On this occasion, I repeat my heartfelt wishes for your health and happiness, as well as the well-being and welfare of the friendly Japanese people."