Directorate of Communications releases Disinformation Bulletin for November 21-27, 2022

Directorate of Communications releases Disinformation Bulletin for November 21-27, 2022

The Presidency's Directorate of Communications released the Disinformation Bulletin for November 21-27.

The bulletin highlights that, as part of the strategy to eradicate terrorism at its source, the Air Operation Claw-Sword was launched against the terrorist organisation PKK/YPG to eliminate terrorist attacks against Türkiye from the northern regions of Iraq and Syria and to ensure border security.

The bulletin indicates that the propaganda apparatus of the terrorist organisation PKK/YPG and certain international media outlets are engaging in black propaganda by disseminating disinformation to undermine Türkiye's fight against terrorism and continues:

"The images shared by the PKK's propaganda outlets in support of their claim that 'Türkiye is bombing civilian settlements in Ayn al-Arab' are from the 2014 aerial bombardment of Ayn al-Arab as part of the US-led coalition's fight against DAESH. A second image also depicts the coalition's aerial bombardment of the city controlled by the terrorist organisation DAESH in 2014."

The Disinformation Bulletin reports that The Independent newspaper's claim that "Türkiye attacks Kurdish targets in Syria and Iraq" is untrue. The bulletin also brings attention to the fact that the daily L'Orient-Le Jour distorted Türkiye's air operation against terrorist organisation targets by including photos of the Al-Hol camp in Hasaka, where civilians reside, in their reporting, underlining that the air operation conducted by Türkiye in conformity with international law is unrelated to the Al-Hol camp.

Regarding the Washington Post's coverage of Türkiye's air operation against terrorist organisation targets, which featured photos of civilian settlements in Azaz that were hit by missiles, the bulletin provides the following assessments:

"The fact that the terrorist organisation PKK/YPG was responsible for the missile attack on Azaz on November 22 has been concealed. In the attack, in which the terrorist group targeted civilians, three individuals were killed, and eight others were injured. It has been determined that the attack was carried out from the direction of Tel Rifaat. Tel Rifaat is located within the operation area of Air Operation Claw-Sword, but Azaz was not the target of any air or land operations."

The bulletin states that the photograph, which allegedly showed Ayn al-Arab in the aftermath of the Air Operation Claw-Sword and was shared on the social media account of the non-governmental platform Mediterranea Saving Humans, was clear proof of the fact that in addition to the media, many international organisations were also engaged in disinformation campaigns against Türkiye.

The bulletin reports that the photograph in question was taken by an AFP reporter in 2015 following an airstrike on Ayn al-Arab, which was under the control of the terrorist organisation DAESH.

Earthquake in Düzce

The Disinformation Bulletin stresses that it was untrue that the "electrical infrastructure collapsed" following the 5.9 magnitude earthquake in the Gölyaka district of Düzce, as claimed by some social media users, and that the power outage that followed the earthquake was an entirely controlled.

The bulletin also notes that, based on the luminescence in some photographs captured during the earthquake in Düzce, the claims that "the earthquake may have been triggered by the USA with the HAARP system", were consisted of conspiracy theories that were not based on any scientific knowledge or data.

Statistics regarding violence against women

The bulletin states that the claim that "Türkiye ranks first in the world in terms of violence against women according to OECD data", posted along with fabricated statistics from some social media accounts, was not true.
The bulletin stresses that according to the data on violence against women in the countries compiled by the OECD, Türkiye did not rank first with a rate of 38 per cent, as claimed, but in 94th place among 152 countries with a rate of 13.3 per cent, and that Türkiye was below countries such as Switzerland, Germany and Estonia in this ranking.