Director of Communications Altun pays new AA Director General Karagöz a “congratulatory visit”

Director of Communications Altun pays new AA Director General Karagöz a “congratulatory visit”

Presidency's Director of Communications Fahrettin Altun paid Anadolu Agency's (AA) new Board Chairman and Director General Serdar Karagöz a "congratulatory visit".

Karagöz, Deputy Director General and Editor-in-Chief Metin Mutanoğlu and AA Deputy Director-General Mustafa Özkaya welcomed Director of Communications Altun at the entrance of the Directorate General of AA.

During his visit, Fahrettin Altun stated that the AA was one of the favourite institutions of Türkiye.

Stating that the Agency was one of the most important institutions of Türkiye's media history, Altun underlined that the AA had a significant place among international agencies, befitting Türkiye's strength in the new era.

Altun stressed that the AA made significant contributions to Türkiye's internationalisation, public diplomacy and journalism, adding, "The torch has been passed here today. I have paid a congratulatory visit to our new Director General, our Board Chairman. On this occasion, I would like to wish him 'good luck'."

Director of Communications Altun thanked the former AA Board Chairman and Director General Şenol Kazancı, who has handed over the baton, for his valuable services, saying, "May Allah bless you with good services. I am sure that we will continue to do good work together in the new period, just as we did yesterday."

Director General of the AA Serdar Karagöz also thanked Director of Communications Altun.

Director of Communications Altun issued a message on the occasion of the 101st founding anniversary of the AA.

In his message, Altun offered his heartfelt congratulations for the 101st founding anniversary of the AA, namely, the national agency.

Altun noted that Anadolu Agency, which has been making Türkiye's voice heard around the world since the National War of Independence, had left its mark on history with its accumulation of journalism knowledge spanning over a century. He also stressed that the AA, which has positioned itself as one of the world's most prominent news agencies, had been proceeding on its path thanks to its principled and trustworthy journalism and capable human resources, as well as its robust new media and technological infrastructure.

Altun underlined that the Directorate of Communications would continue to work in close coordination with the AA in order to achieve their goal of "making the voice of people heard around the world," adding, "I hope that the Ordinary General Board Meeting of Anadolu Agency will lead to auspicious results."

In honour of Anadolu Agency's 101st founding anniversary and the General Board Meeting, Director of Communications Altun expressed respect and gratitude to those who contributed to the Agency's foundation, especially Ghazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, and wished the Agency and all its employees continued success in their works.