Director of Communications Altun evaluates the tension caused by Greece

Director of Communications Altun evaluates the tension caused by Greece

Director of Communications Fahrettin Altun: "Despite numerous irresponsible moves taken by Greece against Türkiye, Türkiye is dedicated to finding solutions through diplomacy and dialogue."

In his article published in Al Jazeera, Presidency's Director of Communications Fahrettin Altun evaluated the recent tension in the Aegean due to the moves taken by Greece.

Noting that we have witnessed the provocative and unhelpful actions of Greece in the Aegean Sea in recent months, Director of Communications Altun said, "We have seen this film before in various ways."

Pointing out that Greece frequently escalates tensions by making unjustifiable claims contrary to international law or by spreading propaganda or exerting pressure against Türkiye on international platforms, Director of Communications Altun said:

"Some politicians in our neighbourhood have a bad habit of using Türkiye as an easy target to divert attention from their strategic failures and gain political support within the country. We once more stress to our NATO ally and neighbour that these approaches are bound to further strategic failure. Continuously escalating hostility in the Aegean Sea serves no one's benefit. The cost of this tension keeps increasing for the aggressor."

Stressing that Greece's reckless actions and the irresponsible policies of some European countries towards Türkiye are closely related, Director of Communications Altun stated that the accession of Cyprus to the European Union by disregarding the Turkish community and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, as well as encouraging Greece to keep Türkiye out of the Eastern Mediterranean, is an example of European capitals creating challenging issues rather than finding lasting solutions.

Director of Communications Altun said, "European capitals, which made a fatal strategic mistake by recognising Cyprus as an EU member, promoted financially unfeasible energy projects that would not only exclude Türkiye but also disregard the rights of Turkish Cypriots. Surely, we would not allow this, but it appears that Greece and the Greek Cypriots felt the need to put our determination to the test. The Greek side managed to waste time with these consultations, despite the fact that we had agreed to deescalate the tension and take part in a strategic dialogue."

"Although Türkiye is determined to preserve its national interests, it is always constructive and open to dialogue"

Director of Communications Altun emphasised that Türkiye, under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, is determined to preserve its national interests but is always constructive and open to dialogue.

Recalling that when the war in Ukraine started, many European leaders, including Prime Minister of Greece Mitsotakis, visited Türkiye and stressed the country's critical importance in the region, Director of Communications Altun added:

"Another bad habit our neighbour has adopted from some Western countries is recognising Türkiye's geopolitical significance when there is a crisis in the region but disregarding it when the indicators of the crisis disappear. These miscalculations and strategic narrow-mindedness dominate its relations with Türkiye. Greek leaders have followed the same pattern in recent years. However, we have to remind our counterparts in Athens that, unlike other countries with amnesia regarding Türkiye's strategic importance, Türkiye and Greece share both land and maritime borders. We will continue to live side by side, and the deterioration of our bilateral relations will only cause problems in our region. Despite this fact, Mr Mitsotakis began to follow the wrong path after his visit to Türkiye aftermath of the outbreak of the Ukraine war. During his Washington visit, he attempted to use the American Congress as a platform to attack on and lobby against Turkish national interests and Türkiye's ties with the United States. Although it would be ineptitude for a third country to express an opinion about a neighbouring country in the legislative body, Mitsotakis' remarks created unnecessary friction within NATO at one of the most crucial times in its history. Greece's misbehaviours, as well as its efforts against Türkiye, must be intolerable to those who care about the future of the Transatlantic alliance and security in our region."

Pointing out that attempting to utilise the disagreements between Türkiye, the USA and European countries to advance Greece's own national interests is a policy devoid of foresight, Director of Communications Altun said that this would serve neither Greek interests nor peace in the region in the long run.

"Turkish society wants to live in peace and harmony in this region"

Underlining that despite the numerous irresponsible actions by Greece against Türkiye, Türkiye remains committed to diplomatic and dialogue-based solutions, Director of Communications Altun said that Türkiye will advocate its national interests no matter the cost.

Stating that Greek politicians and some Western leaders should recognise that making propaganda against Türkiye will not benefit anyone in the long run, Director of Communications Altun stated that the short-term problems in domestic political support are temporary and that many European leaders are aware of this from their past relations with President Erdoğan.

Underlining that they strongly believe in diplomacy and political solutions, and they do not compromise on protecting the country's fundamental national security interests under the resolute leadership of President Erdoğan, Director of Communications Altun noted that the Turkish society, like large segments of Greek society, wants to live in peace and harmony in this region.

"We hope that Greece will opt to collaborate with Türkiye for lasting peace in the region"

Noting that there are more similarities than differences between the cultures, traditions, and societies of Türkiye and Greece, Director of Communications Altun remarked that the world does not want the Aegean Sea and the Eastern Mediterranean to turn into another conflict zone at a time when the European continent, the Black Sea and the Middle East are facing with structural changes and security threats.

Director of Communications Altun said, "We hope that imperturbability will prevail in Greece and that Greek politicians will opt to collaborate with Türkiye to achieve lasting peace in the region. To do otherwise would be a major strategic failure for them. We also urge Western leaders to refrain from actions that create unnecessary tensions and encourage Greece to confront Türkiye."