Director of Communications Altun addresses Panel on Vision of Greater Türkiye

Director of Communications Altun addresses Panel on Vision of Greater Türkiye

Director of Communications Altun: "Unfortunately, this nation also witnessed a presidential candidate to whom terrorist organisations declared their support. The sad thing is, we have never heard of such a refusal as 'We don't need the support of terrorist organisations. We have no connection to these declarations'."

Presidency's Director of Communications Fahrettin Altun addressed the Panel on the Vision of Greater Türkiye held at the Conference Hall of the Directorate of Communications.

Stating that we consider 2023, the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Türkiye, to be the beginning of the "Century of Türkiye", which we point to as the Greater Türkiye Vision, Director of Communications Altun said, "We named the breakthrough that will bring our Republic, which is the third state we have established on Anatolian lands in the last thousand years, to the level that we have dreamed of as a nation in the political, economic, social, and diplomatic fields, 'The Century of Türkiye'."

Indicating that on the threshold of the new century of our Republic, we are on the eve of excitedly building the “Greater Türkiye Vision”, Director of Communications Altun continued:

"Until today, we have always moved forward with determination to realise projects that will make Türkiye a strong and assertive country for the future and to turn our dreams and goals into reality. From now on, the state and the nation, hand in hand, in its new century, we desire to carry our Türkiye far beyond the stage it had achieved in its first century and to achieve much greater success with the strength we derive from our nation. With the vision of the Century of Türkiye put forward by our Honourable President, we aim to make this period the century of 'sustainability, success, trust, stability, production, efficiency, power, digital, communication, science, development, peace, values, the rightful, compassion, independence, the future, and youth'. We see this new century as a new century of growth and rise, in which we combine the experiences of the past with the possibilities and capabilities of today and move forward by anticipating the opportunities and challenges of the future.

Emphasising that the most important of the achievements of Türkiye in the last 20 years is undoubtedly the Presidential System of Government, Director of Communications Altun says, "With this step, the chronic problems in Türkiye's administrative system were resolved, a structure was established in which the problems of coalition periods were eliminated, political and economic stability was strengthened, and speed and coordination in public administration were ensured. The architect of this step, which is very important for the future of our country, is undoubtedly our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Our country has clearly seen and experienced the benefits of the Presidential System of Government, even during its first term."

"'Fully independent defence industry has become our guiding principle"

Director of Communications Altun, referring to the domestic and national industrial move, highlighted the significant achievements realised in the 100th founding year of the Republic of Türkiye, saying, "There is no doubt that we see the most important development of our national industrial move in the field of domestic and national defense industry. 'Fully independent defense industry' has become our guiding principle."

Director of Communications Altun emphasised that Türkiye, while equipping its defence with domestic and national technologies, has additionally supplied new vehicles to the security forces in the air, on land, and at sea; diversified its national ammunition; and has become a country that exports billions of dollars worth of defence.

Pointing out how TCG Anadolu, the world's first armed unmanned aerial vehicle ship, which was put into the service of the Turkish navy in April this year has been another source of pride, Director of Communications Altun stated, "Our nation showed TCG Anadolu enormous favour, first in Istanbul and subsequently in Izmir. In response to dozens of messages and requests received by the Presidency’s Communication Centre CIMER, TCG Anadolu anchored at Sarayburnu Port in İstanbul for the visit of our citizens."

Director of Communications Altun indicated that the national defence industry move will continue to be among Türkiye's foremost targets and remain as the rising star of the country in the next century as well.

Recalling how the steps that will reduce the energy dependence on external resources have been implemented, Director of Communications Altun noted:

"In this regard, our natural gas discoveries in the Black Sea are one of the most important guarantees of a strong and independent Türkiye in its new century. As you may be aware, Türkiye had made the biggest natural gas discovery in its history in the Black Sea in 2020. Our natural gas reserve, which will meet 30 percent of our country's annual natural gas need, was commissioned in less than three years after the discovery; and recently, it has been put directly into the service of our nation upon the instructions of our President."

"Türkiye will make no concessions in its fight against terrorism"

Underlining how Türkiye has contended with several problems and threats to its national security, stability, and democracy in the past two decades, Director of Communications Altun said:

"We have consolidated our democracy by eliminating the pro-tutelage groups, and strengthened our national security by combatting terrorist organisations. While eliminating the threats targeting our country at home and abroad, we have fought and continue to fight against the PKK and its Syrian extension PYD/YPG, and terrorist organisations such as DAESH and FETO. We will continue to resolutely pursue our fight against these terrorist groups until they are a thing of the past. With the instruction of our President, we have resolutely pursued the strategy of eradicating terrorism at its source by transforming the concept underlying the battle against terrorism, and with this step, we have achieved the most important outcomes of our history in the fight against terrorism. Türkiye will continue to make no concessions in its fight against terrorism in the future."

Director of Communications Altun expressed that, during the course of the ongoing elections, they have witnessed the development of an opposition line that gives terrorist organisations hope and noted the following:

"Unfortunately, this nation also witnessed a presidential candidate to whom terrorist organisations declared their support. The sad thing is, we have never heard of such a refusal as 'We do not need the support of terrorist organisations. We have no connection to these declarations'. This has been perceived by our nation as a tacit acceptance of their cooperation with terrorist organisations. The adoption of a terrorist organisation and its political rhetoric by an opposition party and its presidential candidate will be remembered as a black mark in the history of Turkish democracy. When this cooperation was revealed, they tried to contaminate the political scene with the lies, slanders and disinformation they clung to. However, our nation gave a very clear answer to those who carried out election campaigns together with terrorist organisations on May 14 and hopefully, with a much firmer response on May 28, our nation will demonstrate once again that it has never accepted and will never accept such an image."

Director of Communications Altun stressed that through the determined fight against terrorism Türkiye have contributed to regional and global peace and stability, while ensuring its own national security.

Director of Communications Altun noted that Türkiye has become a stabilising power both at home and abroad under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and said that this stabilising power has been and will continue to be demonstrated in many regional and global issues, especially in the Russia-Ukraine war.

"We do not think of a future apart from the Turkic world"

Director of Communications Altun noted that Türkiye will maintain its humanitarian approach, which sets an example for the world, in the new century and continue its efforts to be the voice of the oppressed and the victims, to continue the struggle for rights, to pursue the truth, to strive for a more just and equitable world, and for such a system to take root in the international system.

Director of Communications Altun stated, "While Türkiye is growing and getting stronger, we do not think of a future apart from the Turkic world, where we share a common history and cultural codes and are connected with feelings of brotherhood and affection," and added:

"As we enter the new century of our Republic with great enthusiasm and excitement, we see that the Turkic world shares this excitement with us. We as Türkiye will set our seal on the 21st century together with the Turkic world, which is present in a wide geography with its deep-rooted state tradition, ancient civilisation, rich culture, historical background, values, and traditions. Please take into consideration that we, as the Republic of Türkiye, attach great importance to the goals that we set for ourselves and that we want to achieve together with our nation for the Turkic world. We believe that a capable and strong Türkiye will contribute to the rise and strengthening of not only itself but also the region, friendly and brotherly countries."

Director of Communications Altun stated that the cooperation and solidarity exhibited among Turkic States, will also contribute to developing a common resilience against the challenges faced on a regional and global scale and said that the Karabakh victory was the most important indicator of this unity and solidarity.

Highlighting that they advance with the Organisation of Turkic States with greater strength, Director of Communications Altun stated that Türkiye received the greatest support and solidarity from its brothers in the Turkic world during the earthquakes it experienced on February 6th.

Director of Communications Altun underlined that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan attaches special importance to relations with the Turkic world, and they continue to develop and deepen relations in all fields.

Highlighting that they also displayed the cooperation that they tried to develop in different fields in the field of media and information, Director of Communications Altun said, "As the Presidency's Directorate of Communications, we will resolutely continue our joint efforts to fight against disinformation and to make the Turkic world's voice heard more."

Director of Communications Altun stated that the “Turkic World 2040 Vision Document” adopted by the member states of the Organisation in 2021 constitutes one of the building blocks of the “Greater Türkiye Vision”.

"The hearts of the people in Turkic lands are beating together"

Stating that today's conditions, as well as regional and global issues, serve as a daily reminder of the significance of protecting our brotherhood and clinging to one another more tightly, Director of Communications Altun noted:

"I believe that with this awareness and understanding, the hearts of the peoples in Turkic lands from Central Asia to Anatolia are beating together. Together, we will carry forward our identity, culture and values that make us who we are. In the Century of Türkiye, we will take our steps by taking inspiration from these codes of identity, value and civilisation, without breaking away from them."

Director of Communications Altun concluded his remarks by quoting Kazakh poet Ulugbek Esdauletov: "As long as the Turkic flag flies in the sky, we will not kneel before any enemy. We are Turks. We are Turks. We are Turks."