Balıkesir becomes new stop of Presidency’s Directorate of Communications’ Digital Truck

Balıkesir becomes new stop of Presidency’s Directorate of Communications’ Digital Truck

The new stop of the ‘Digital Truck’ of the Presidency’s Directorate of Communications, where Türkiye’s national, historical, cultural, scientific, and technological wealth are represented through digital presentations becomes Balıkesir.

In the truck which began its Türkiye tour from Edirne on February 19 and is now stationed at Balıkesir Public Transportation Centre Square, there are areas to experience magic mirrors, interactive screen, green screen and 3D virtual box.

The Green Screen Experience shows the visitors, who are photographed in front of a special material, as if they were in a predetermined environment, thanks to advanced technology data processing facilities. The printout of the created image can be delivered to the visitor immediately in person or sent by e-mail to those who request. A digital certificate is also issued for the visitors in this area, indicating their success in flight experience.

The 3D Virtual Box experience area, on the other hand, provides a floating view for the viewers without any connection to any structure. A surreal impression is given by creating holography in the air with cutting-edge technology. The hologram of the Fatih drilling vessel, our sixth-generation ultra-marine drilling ship, is also shown in this area.

The specially produced Interactive Screen reflects the movements of the visitor passing by or standing in front of it as an animation, through hi-tech motion detection systems. The visitors are also offered a flight experience with Türkiye's national pride Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) in this area.

One of the visitors, Sude Tülü, told reporters that she was curious and visited the truck after she learned that the Digital Truck was in Balıkesir.

Stating that she tried all the applications in the truck, Tülü said, “There are magic mirrors and some simulations. It has been a good work; I thank everyone who contributed.”

The truck, which can be visited between 12:00 and 20:00 as part of the Covid-19 pandemic measures, can be visited until March 5, Friday.