Press Release - Attention to Resident International Press Members 

Foreign press members who will continue their duties in Türkiye in 2024 must apply to the Ministry of Labour and Social Security and obtain work permit or work permit exemption documents for 2024 before applying for press card renewal.

Work permits or work permits exemption documents with an expiry date of 31.12.2023 or earlier will not be valid for press card renewal applications.

Applications will be made online at the addresses below.

Work Permit: 

Work Permit Exemption: 

International press members who visit Türkiye for journalistic reasons as employees of a legal entity established outside of Türkiye or persons who own a business established outside of Türkiye and work independently have been covered by "Work Permit Exemption" for the duration of their work. International press members who meet these requirements must apply for a work permit exemption.

The "Work Permit" applies to international press members who work for a legal entity established in Türkiye, and press members who fulfill this criteria must apply for a work permit.

Press Members who have problems with their applications can write to the e-mail addresses below.

For work permit exemption; 

For work permit;

Press members will be able to apply for press card renewal after receiving their permit/exemption documents for 2024.

Information regarding the 2024 accreditation renewal process will be announced in the upcoming days.

For any issue regarding accreditation procedures, you can send an e-mail to