Commemoration Ceremonies for the 108th Anniversary of the Çanakkale Land Battles - Çanakkale Martyrs’ Monument (24 April 2023, Çanakkale)


Commemoration Ceremonies for the 108th Anniversary of the Çanakkale Land Battles will take place on April 24, 2023 at the Çanakkale Martyrs' Monument, martyrs' cemeteries and other monuments and cemeteries


Members of the press who wish to follow these ceremonies should apply for accreditation.

In this respect;

Members of the press who wish to follow the ceremonies to be held at the Çanakkale Martyrs' Monument on April 24, 2023 should apply for accreditation by uploading the required documents to the system at until 18:00 on Monday, April 17, 2023.

* Members of the press who wish to follow the Anzac Day Ceremonies to be held on April 25, 2023 should apply via the e-mail address as specified in the relevant announcement.

a) Members of the national press

who do not hold a press card must upload their assignment letters from their media organization (letter headed, signed by an authorized person and stamped) to the system. 

No document is required from press members holding a press card. (Holders of Permanent Press Cards and Free Press Cards are required to state in the "Remarks" field on the application page for which organization they will follow the events and upload assignment letters from their media organization to the system).

b) Resident members of the international press in Turkey

are not required to upload any documents to the system. They will complete their applications by logging into the system with the e-mail addresses and passwords they used in their permanent accreditation application.

Applications made with an e-mail address other than the e-mail address used for permanent accreditation applications will not be taken into account.

c) Members of the foreign press coming from abroad 

are required to complete their accreditation application by uploading their assignment letter (letter headed, signed by the authorized person and stamped) from their organizations and passport photocopy to the system.

Any e-mail address entered for the application other than the one used for previous applications on the system, if any, will not be taken into account.


a) Enter the address

b) If you are a first-time applicant, please click on the "Register" button and enter your e-mail address and a password of your choosing 

c) Next, complete the registration process by clicking the activation link sent to your e-mail.

d) Log into the system again with your e-mail address and the password you have set.

e) Enter your identity information on the page that opens after the login process and then upload your photo. (The information you enter must be the same as the "Identity Card" for national press and "Passport" for international press).

f)  On the page that opens, click on the meeting name "Commemoration Ceremonies for the 108th Anniversary of the Çanakkale Land Battles, 24/04/2023, Çanakkale" in the "Select Your Application" field.

g) National and International press card holders’ media organization, position and contact information will automatically appear on the system. The applicants will complete their application by clicking on the “Send” button on the right corner of the page. 

h) National and International media members who do not have a press card will enter the required information and upload the aforementioned documents to the system and complete their application by clicking on the “Send” button on the right corner of the page.

i) Members of the press who complete the application successfully will receive an e-mail that reads “Your application has been saved on the system”. (Please re-apply if you do not receive this e-mail).

j) Members of the press whose applications were found eligible will receive an e-mail that reads “Your application has been approved”.

k) Do not forget the e-mail and password you used four your application. You will need to use the same information on your other accreditation applications.


Members of the press, who want to cover the ceremonies in Çanakkale Martyrs’ Memorial, can collect their accreditation cards from Çanakkale Regional Directorate located at Kemalpaşa Mahallesi Dibek Sokak no:17/1 on April 23, 2023, between 13.30 – 18.00. On the day of the ceremony (24 April 2023), members of the press can collect their cards from the press desk to be set up at Eceabat pier.


Press members wishing to cover ceremonies on April 24, 2023 will be transferred from Eceabat pier by the vehicles organized by Directorate of Çanakkale Battles and Gallipoli Peninsula Historical Site. No other vehicles than those will be permitted within the ceremony area except for the accredited live broadcast vehicles.


Accreditation will be required for the entry of live broadcast vehicles into the ceremony area. It will be sufficient for only one person from each media organization to fill in the vehicle accreditation form. If your organization will assign more than one live broadcast vehicle at the ceremony area, you can register all vehicles to be assigned by clicking on the “Add Vehicle” button on the vehicle accreditation part of your personal application page. Vehicle accreditation applies only to live broadcast vehicles and applications for private vehicles will not be approved.

Uplink and other vehicles carrying technical equipment without an accreditation card will not be allowed to enter the ceremony areas. Press members who are not accredited cannot benefit from press facilities or organizations.

Respectfully announced.

For further information: 

1. National Press Members

Tel: +90 (533) 448 97 65


Name-Surname: Şimel DOĞAN DAĞLI

2. International Press Members

Tel: +90 (506) 633 34 38


Name-Surname: Egemen MORAL