President Erdoğan: “We will continue to extend support with all our facilities and hearts to our Azerbaijani brothers and sisters”

President Erdoğan: “We will continue to extend support with all our facilities and hearts to our Azerbaijani brothers and sisters”

President Erdoğan said, "As Turkey, we will continue to extend support with all our facilities and hearts to our Azerbaijani brothers and sisters whom we regard as ‘Two states one nation’. The way to permanent peace in this region is through the withdrawal of the Armenians from every inch of Azerbaijani territory that they occupied. Efforts to persistently slander Turkey by leaving everything aside also will not be able to save the Armenian administration.”

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan addressed the Members of the Parliament at the General Assembly on the occasion of the opening of the 4th Legislative Year of the 27th Term of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey (GNAT). 

Wishing the new legislative year of GNAT to be auspicious, Erdoğan paid homage to all past Members of Parliament who had served our country as members of the Grand National Assembly ever since its inauguration. Erdoğan wished Allah’s blessings on the deputies, who served under this roof for a century and passed away, and health and well-being on those who are still alive.

Extending his gratitude to Ghazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the first speaker of the National Assembly and the founder of our Republic, and all others who made significant contributions to the well-being of our Republic, Erdoğan said, "I commemorate with mercy, gratitude, and reverence our martyrs and veterans who had fought to make these lands on which we have been living for a thousand years our homeland. We wish success to our security and intelligence forces that still keep struggling within and beyond our borders. May Allah protect them all and make them victorious. Being aware of the fact that this struggle will continue until the end of the world, we will always be prepared, always be strong, and always be cautious."

Stating that they attach importance to symbolic anniversaries, such as the 100th anniversary of our Republic, the 600th anniversary of the Conquest of Istanbul, and the 1000th anniversary of the Victory of Manzikert, to keep the spiritual and material legacy of our ancestors alive, Erdoğan said, "The better we know our history and the better we protect it, the more confidently we can look to our future. We take all our steps with this understanding. This is the truth behind the efforts of communities and states that only have few centuries of history to invent a deep-rooted history for themselves."

Stressing that Turkey is one of the unique countries, spread on very large geography, with over 2200 years of uninterrupted state tradition in its history, Erdoğan continued as follows:

"Such a country cannot use the same methods as the states that have no roots, no traditions, and no morals, and which derive their power from colonialism and greed. The age-old and noble stance that the Grand National Assembly of Turkey represents in the legislative field is the most precious treasure we will leave to our children. I would like to express my gratitude to all members of our Assembly who have taken a firm stance in our country's fight against terrorism and in their efforts to protect our rights in the international arena. Furthermore, our Assembly, which supports our brothers and sisters everywhere from Turkish Cypriots and Azerbaijani Turks to the Balkans and North Africa, has shown that it has been a source of hope for our friends along with our nation."

"Our Assembly is not just any assembly"

Pointing out the 100th anniversary of inauguration of the Grand National Assembly with prayers, takbirs, excitement and enthusiasm, Erdoğan continued as follows: 

"Unfortunately, we were not able to celebrate this important anniversary with the glory we hoped for as it coincided with the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. Having attained our goals, we will mark, Allah willing, the 100th anniversary of the foundation of our Republic with celebrations worthy of its glory.

Our Assembly is not just any assembly.

This is the place where the national will is manifested with the principle of ‘Sovereignty belongs unconditionally to the nation.’ This is a veteran Assembly that itself commanded the War of Independence of our country with the motto saying "Either independence or death". This is the home of a nation that defends its independence and future with the challenge that said ‘What madman shall put me in chains! I defy the very idea!’ This is the Assembly that founded the Republic of Turkey, which is our last shelter in our geography. The democratic transformations that began with the transition to a multi-party system in Turkey have always been made by the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. Despite many coups and coup attempts, memorandums, and insidious tricks of tutelage, this auspicious house has always defended the honour of the nation it represents. Surely, some sad events that we do not want to remember had also taken place here. However, this shall not harm the greatness of the values represented by our Assembly.

The courageous and decisive stance put forward by this Assembly, especially on the night of July 15, went down in the world history of democracy. We hope that those who accuse Turkey of establishing democracy without paying the price of it felt ashamed of their slander on the night of July 15. Our Assembly, where the national will is manifested, has managed to fulfil the responsibilities it has assumed following every trouble our nation has faced or overcome. It is our Assembly that has the greatest share in all achievements of our country. Even the reforms undertaken, regulations put into effect, decisions made, praiseworthy attitudes adopted in the last 18 years alone are an admirable success story. Our Assembly will continue, Allah willing, to make history with far greater achievements in the period ahead."

"Duties fall upon our Assembly in attaining its goals for 2023”

Drawing attention to many duties falling upon our Assembly as Turkey walked toward attaining its goals for 2023, Erdoğan noted the following:

"The Presidential System of Government has enabled our Assembly, as well as other governmental bodies, to focus on its relevant domain. It is for sure that it will take time for such fundamental changes in the governmental system to reach their ideal level of performance. In every domain, we are faced with the challenges posed by maintaining a new system with old habits. However, we see that the legislative, executive and judicial powers improve in line with the new system each passing day. Through new reforms, we rectify the judicial and executive flaws identified, and we constantly raise the bar. Turkey will succeed, Allah willing, also in this regard, and will set an example for the world. I believe that our Assembly will carry out very important works within this framework in the new legislative year. I am of the opinion that it should be the Assembly, where the line between political competition and race for serving the country and nation is best defined and preserved. I would like to extend my gratitude beforehand to Members of Parliament from all parties who will contribute to the work of the Assembly in the new term."

In his speech, President Erdoğan stated, "Our nation has recently been spending every year witnessing developments that had taken place for decades in the past and even more so with growing severity." 

Referring to two underlying reasons for that, Erdoğan said, "First, it is in this period that Turkey has achieved democratic and economic breakthroughs that have been long neglected due to instabilities, debates, controversies, and crises. Each one of these breakthroughs has surely faced considerable resistance and attacks by those, at home and abroad, whose interests were adversely jeopardized. Thank Allah that we have made it to the present day by overcoming each obstacle thrown in our way with the support of our nation and our Assembly, which is the representative of our people."

"There is no chance left for this distorted order to continue to exist the way it currently does"

Stating that the second reason for such rapid pace of developments was the new crossroads that the world has arrived at, Erdoğan noted the following:

"The international political and economic order established by the victors in the aftermath of World War II now breaks apart in every field. The developments during the pandemic have made it possible to see this collapse more clearly. Starting from the United Nations, almost all organisations that are responsible for the functioning of the existing global order in a way to embrace the entire humanity have come to a deadlock. The organisations that remain ineffective in the face of the new challenges, crises, and needs of the world increase fragility even more. It has been well seen that the so-called developed countries cannot help even their own citizens in the event of a real crisis.

In brief, there is no chance left for this distorted order, in which the entire globe is encumbered by a handful of greedy people, to continue to exist the way it currently does. The assertion ‘The world is bigger than five,’ which we have been vocal about on every platform for a while, is the best representation of this fact. Either the existing organisations will be restructured in a way to reflect security, stability, and prosperity on the entire humanity or new organisations will be established to meet such needs. We are of the opinion that, despite everything, the existing organisations may be able to meet those needs if they are restructured in an equitable way."  

Recalling that there are some circles that kept themselves at a distance from their assertion that said the way the global order functioned had to change, Erdoğan stressed that those circles also started to support them in the aftermath of the pandemic. 

"The world’s resources need a fair distribution"

Indicating that every corner of the world, from east to west, and from north to south, needed security, Erdoğan said, "The world and all the people no matter where they live need peace. The world’s resources, which are enough for everyone, need a fair distribution. The air, water, trees, and all beauties of the world that are entrusted to us by Allah need preservation. It is imperative that we establish a global governance order that will provide these." 

Stressing that otherwise, it would be inevitable that conflicts, pain, persecution, and plundering would resume all over the world, which would also affect the developed countries, Erdoğan said that they were exerting efforts to bring up, discuss, and hopefully achieve solutions that would save humanity from such a threat.

Erdoğan added that they were pleased to see that our Assembly had properly fulfilled its responsibilities.  

"We stand by our Azerbaijani brothers and sisters"

Underlining that Turkey is at the very centre of the geography where global crises were experienced the most, Erdoğan indicated that traces of the tragic massacres and conflicts experienced in the Balkans nearly 30 years ago were still fresh.

Erdoğan stressed that it was also clear that the region could not attain permanent peace and tranquillity, and added that the crisis that started with the occupation of Crimea in the Black Sea had the potential to re-escalate at any moment. 

Stressing that the Caucasus continued to be a crisis zone bearing the potential for a new conflict with every inch of its land, President Erdoğan said, "As a matter of fact, the clashes that started with the attack of the Armenians, who occupied Nagorno-Karabakh, on Azerbaijan are the most concrete examples of this.

Here, I would like to state once again that we stand by our Azerbaijani brothers and sisters in their struggle to save their occupied territories and protect their homeland." 

"Our Azeri brothers and sisters also took a step towards cutting their umbilical cord”

"First of all, it is unacceptable for the US, Russia and France, which are called the MINSK Group, to seek ceasefire in the face of these negative developments, which created repercussions that are witnessed today, as they have neglected this problem for nearly 30 years. So, are there any requests?" asked President Erdoğan, and continued as follows:

"Then the occupiers must get out of these lands so that a solution can be reached here. Our Azeri brothers and sisters, who have left their land, are now waiting for the day they will return to their land. They are in such longing. Nobody approaches this. First, let's discuss it. We discussed them with Mr. Putin and Mr. Macron. They have always sat and talked, but there is no result. Now is the time for the result. Our Azerbaijani brothers and sisters also took a step towards cutting their umbilical cord. The attitude presented today by those who were blind, deaf, and mute against the occupation of the age-old Azerbaijani territory Karabakh and the massacres carried out against the civilians by the Armenians, is also hypocritical. The words of those who were silent to the occupiers and accused those who defended their homeland and those who stood by them are of no value to us. As Turkey, we will continue to extend support with all our facilities and hearts to our Azerbaijani brothers and sisters whom we regard as ‘two states one nation’.”

"This despicable game that will not lead to salvation for the tyrants is hopefully being spoiled"

Reciting the following verses by Abdürrahim Karakoç, Erdoğan said, "This is the way it is but not the way it will be/This game will not lead to salvation for the tyrants/This game will not end as they hope it would/We have the bread and butter for the oppressed/We have the core of the wound in you,” adding, “Yes... This despicable game that will not lead to salvation for the tyrants is hopefully being spoiled.”

Underlining that the way to permanent peace in the region is through the withdrawal of the Armenians from every inch of Azerbaijani territory that they occupied, Erdoğan said, “Efforts to persistently slander Turkey by leaving everything aside also will not be able to save the Armenian administration. I warn those who support this rogue state that they will be held to account before the common conscience of humanity.”

“May Allah help and be with our Azerbaijani brothers and sisters,” said Erdoğan, wishing Allah’s mercy upon those who were martyred in the struggle and speedy recovery for those who are injured. 

Stating that when we continue to look at the crisis map by going a little further towards the south, we see the gulf region, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan noted the following:

"The gulf region, which is struggling with many problems from the Iran-Iraq War to the invasion of Kuwait, from the conflicts in Yemen to the threats against Qatar, continues to stew. Hereby, I wish Allah's mercy upon the Emir of Kuwait, Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, who passed away the previous day and whom we regard as one of the rulers with wisdom and common-sense in the region. Contrary to the late Al-Sabah, the rulers of some countries in the region pursued, in self-denial, policies that do not comply with wisdom, logic, and conscience, are further deepening the crisis. Some of these countries target us because we express the truth and stand by the oppressed and the equity. It should not be forgotten that the countries in question did not exist yesterday, and probably will not exist tomorrow; however, we will continue to keep our flag flying in this geography forever, with the permission of Allah.”

President Erdoğan stated in his speech that the instability in Iraq since the Gulf War has harmed Turkey the most.

Recalling that the separatist terrorist organization carried out bloody activities in Turkey by using Iraq's regions close to Turkey’s border as a base for years, Erdoğan said, “Recently, within the framework of our strategy of eliminating the terrorist threat at its source, we have been removing the organization cells along the Iraqi border one by one. Our operations will continue until we have completely eradicated these abysses of unrest, which the Northern Iraq Regional Administration is also uncomfortable with. It is our greatest wish that the Baghdad administration will ensure political unity and territorial integrity in the country as soon as possible, in a way to protect the rights of our Turkmen brothers and sisters.”

Erdoğan stated that almost in its 10th year in our region, the Syrian crisis was undoubtedly the most tragic, bloody, and painful issue in our geography and that every aspect of the issue concerned Turkey very closely.

Indicating that Turkey has a 911-kilometre border with Syria, Erdoğan noted the following: 

"The peoples living on both sides of the border share a common history of thousands of years. There are wide and deep human, cultural, social, and even economic relationships brought about by this deep-rooted past. Syria has always been in a critical position in Turkey’s 40-year-old fight against terrorism.

Moreover, in the last 10 years when the country has been destabilized, DAESH and PKK-YPG have become the most influential terrorist organizations here. Likewise, we are the ones meeting the needs of 4 million oppressed people in Syria. Whoever says "What is Turkey doing in Syria", then they either don’t know the area and its history or have some other agenda.”

"We will continue our operations until the last terrorist is destroyed” 

President Erdoğan said that Turkey would continue to use every means and method to secure its borders until a solution was found in Syria on the basis of political unity and territorial integrity of the country.

Underlining that the Operations Euphrates Shield, Olive Branch, and Peace Spring were carried out for that purpose, Erdoğan, continued as follows:

"We are also in Idlib to that end. We have not handed over our borders to terrorist organizations and those who use them as tools, and we will not. We will continue our operations outside the regions that we have ensured safety in, and everywhere else that is still the source of attacks against our country and our brothers until the last terrorist is destroyed. We will continue to protect the oppressed, to whom those who keep talking about humanism, human rights, and respect for the other, have turned their backs and tried every way to prevent them from entering their countries.

It was again a member of our parliament who brought up the issue of over 100 thousand missing refugee children in Europe at the European Parliament.

It was again the European Union that pledged 3 billion Euros + 3 billion Euros to our country for the food, accommodation, and shelter of the Syrian refugees, and then beat around the bush and appropriated most of it. We do not expect those who disregard the minimum conditions of humanity for the sake of their own security and welfare concerns to understand the virtuous attitude of our country. The fact that 411 thousand Syrians have so far returned to their homes voluntarily and safely shows that our country is doing the right thing. Turkey is also the most effective supporter of the efforts carried out on international platforms for a political solution to the crisis in Syria. Hopefully, until that day comes, we will continue to protect our borders and safeguard the oppressed.”

"We're never in pursuit of conflict, tension, injustice, unlawfulness in the Mediterranean" 

President Erdoğan stressed that developments in the Eastern Mediterranean constituted the most important battle that Turkey had waged in the seas within the last few centuries.

Recalling that thanks to the domination Turkey established in the Mediterranean with the Naval Victory of Preveza, peace had prevailed in the region for centuries, Erdoğan said, “In the Gallipoli Campaign, where our epic of resurrection was written, we had great victories in the sea as well as on the land. Claiming the legacy of peace left by Barbaros Kheireddin Pasha and other heroes is the responsibility of every child of this country.”

"As Turkey, we're never in pursuit of conflict, tension, injustice, unlawfulness in the Mediterranean,” said Erdoğan, adding the following: 

"Our only demand is respect for the rights, remedies, and interests of our country. We primarily opt for a settlement of disputes regarding the sharing of political and economic potential in the Mediterranean on an equitable basis. However, the attitude of Greece and the Greek Cypriot side since 2003 has unfortunately been far from this principle. The European Union, on the other hand, has turned into an ineffective, visionless, and shallow structure as a prisoner of the caprice of Greece and the Greek Cypriot side. There is not a single problem that has emerged in our region and has been solved with the initiative and influence of the European Union. On the contrary, every crisis in which the Union has been involved has grown by gaining new dimensions. Under these circumstances, there is no option left for Turkey other than its own facilities and to resolutely implement its own policies.

The agreement we made with Libya is one of our responses to attempts to completely eliminate our country from the Mediterranean. With this agreement, we had the opportunity to expand the efforts that we initiated to protect the rights of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Those who ignored our country in the region for years and confronted us with maps and demands that would imprison us into our coasts first tried the language of threat and blackmail after the steps we took. In the face of the firm stance of Turkey supported by land, sea, and air elements and the intelligence of our gallant military and our country’s political and diplomatic power, they were forced to accept the method of dialogue. Especially at this point, which has been reached with the intense efforts of Germany, it is the choice of our opponents either to solve the problem through negotiations, or to escalate the tension again, and even to create a conflict if it reaches that extent. We will maintain our determined stance that keeps the dialogue channels open to the end.”

"We invite to support the security and peace efforts of Turkey"

Erdoğan asked how many countries there are that are fighting for peace and engaging in sacrifices as much as Turkey in a world of heightened conflict.

Stressing that it is a proof of this that even though Turkey is not the largest economy in the world, it ranks the first in humanitarian aid, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said, "Isn’t it a proof of this that we are the country hosting the largest number of refugees in the world, despite the security risks at our borders and its economic burden? Isn’t it a proof of this that we have always used our power and initiatives in favour of mediation on every platform from the United Nations to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation? In the light of these realities, we invite all countries, particularly the European Union and our neighbours, to support the security and peace efforts of Turkey or at least respect our efforts.”

President Erdoğan stated that another crisis that Turkey and the nation carefully followed was the oppression of Israel against the Palestinians and the indifferent practices that disregarded the privacy of Jerusalem.

Stating that the issue of Jerusalem is not an ordinary geopolitical problem for us, Erdoğan noted the following: 

"First of all, the current physical appearance of the old city, which is the heart of Jerusalem, was built by Suleiman the Magnificent with its walls, bazaar, and many buildings. Our ancestors showed their respect for centuries by keeping this city in high esteem. In this city that we had to leave in tears during the First World War, it is still possible to come across traces of the Ottoman resistance. So, Jerusalem is our city, a city from us. Our first qibla Al-Aqsa and the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem are the symbolic mosques of our faith.

In addition, this city is home to the holy places of Christianity and Judaism. The fact that the lands of the Palestinian people, who have been the inhabitants of Jerusalem and the region for thousands of years, have been occupied and their rights and laws have been violated, requires us to pay close attention to this issue. We consider it an honour on behalf of our country and nation to express the rights of the oppressed Palestinian people on every platform, with whom we have lived for centuries. With this understanding, we will follow both the Palestinian cause, which is the bleeding wound of the global conscience, and the Jerusalem case to the end.”

"We have set off for 2020 with great hopes"

President Erdoğan said that the economy was one of the most targeted aspects of Turkey during the intense attacks that started with Gezi Events, and that the game on our economy over exchange rates has been spoiled in August 2018, and a very strong outlook has been attained in 2019.

Stating that the current account balance had a surplus of $8.8 billion last year, and the inflation went down to 11.8 per cent, Erdoğan said that with its exports reaching $181 billion in 2019, Turkey has ranked 6th among 50 countries in the world in terms of export growth, and thus it had brought its share in world exports closer to 1 per cent.

President Erdoğan said that despite all the unfavourable events, they had set off for 2020 with great hopes after 2019, when it has kept the annual growth rate close to 1 per cent, and noted the following: 

"The growth rate of 4.4 per cent we achieved in the first quarter of this year was an indicator of our progress towards our goals with determination. In such a climate, we were caught by the coronavirus pandemic, which affected our country as well as the whole world. During the pandemic, our priority was surely to protect the health of our nation. In addition, we tried to ensure that our economy survived the pandemic with the least damage thanks to the support packages we introduced. The total economic amount of the supports and packages we have introduced so far has reached 495 billion Turkish liras; that is approximately 10 per cent of our national income. Under the roof of the social protection shield, we have paid more than 35 billion Turkish liras outright for our nation and economy.” 

"19 billion Turkish liras of funds through a short-time working allowance"

Erdoğan underlined that they had transferred nearly 19 billion Turkish liras of funds directly to their employees so far through a short-time working allowance, and said that they have utilized almost 4.5 billion Turkish liras for the cash wage support they introduced to protect employment.

President Erdoğan said that they have actively made use of the unemployment allowance and offered support of 3.6 billion Turkish liras for the benefit of their people, and continued as follows:

"While the Social Security Institution (SGK) and Social Security Organization for Artisans and Self-Employed (Bağ-Kur) payments that were deferred reached 40 billion Turkish liras, tax payments reached almost 30 billion Turkish liras. We have supported our economy through methods such as tax reductions, force majeure practices, and limit increases for Credit Guarantee Fund. Promoting public banks, we have ensured that more than 267 billion Turkish liras of funds are transferred to our economy. We have ensured that the financing needs of every segment of society are met through methods such as individual needs support, tradesman support, business maintenance support, corporate, and personal loan deferral."

Erdoğan said that the negative growth of 9.9 per cent in the second quarter of the year was saddening, adding, however, when we look at the general outlook, Turkey has left behind this process with an economic shrinkage far below the average of OECD and the European Union. “Thank Allah, all leading indicators of the third quarter demonstrate that the economy has been recovering rapidly and the loss will be compensated in a short time. Each index and data disclosed supports this outlook and brings it forward. Despite the shrinking foreign demand caused by the pandemic on the world economy, our export increased by 4.8 percent and surpassed 16 billion American dollars in September, compared to the same month of last year. I would like to especially indicate that these are the highest export figures in the history of the Republic,” added Erdoğan. 

Underlining that their aim is to achieve a “V-shaped” recovery and to end this year with positive growth, Erdoğan said that the growth rate they had designated for the next year was 5.8 per cent. “Actually, we have chosen to keep the expectation at a cautious level although we believe that there will be greater growth,” added Erdoğan. 

Stating that after so many attacks and shocks, the Turkish economy has reached a structure that is more resistant to vulnerabilities and more prepared for crises, Erdoğan noted the following: 

"Many states, including the developed ones, could not prevent the shock that started in healthcare services during the pandemic from spreading to their entire economies and administrative systems. Positively diverging from others in all these areas, Turkey has become the rising star of its region and the world.

OECD has shown the Turkish economy as the world’s third least-affected economy by the pandemic in the world. We are in a better position than the developed and developing countries even regarding the partial increase in the budget deficit. The fact that we have climbed 10 steps and ranked the 33rd in the World Bank's Ease of Doing Business Index shows the success of our structural reforms.”

President Erdoğan indicated that they had built the New Economic Program for the next three years on an innovative, highly value-added, export-oriented, and inclusive development model, adding that they will make sure that Turkey attains its goals of 2023 in the field economy as in every other field.”

"Vaccine studies have reached a certain level"

Erdoğan said that a definitive treatment had not yet been found for that disease, which started in China and spread to the world in a short time, and that although vaccine studies have reached a certain level, it was clear that time was needed to establish the infrastructure that would encompass all of humanity.

Erdoğan stated that besides closely following the vaccine studies of other countries, Turkey was also making intensive efforts to produce its own vaccine, and added the following:

"When we look at other countries’ methods for fighting against the pandemic in the world, we see that Turkey is ahead of many of them. Of course, the great transformation we have realized in the field of healthcare and the infrastructure we have built in the last 18 years have a great contribution to this positive picture. The bed capacity of the hospitals that we have put into service only since March when the pandemic began to spread across our country is now over 15 thousand. With Allah’s permission, we will carry this pleasant outlook in healthcare another step further by inaugurating the City Hospital in Konya tomorrow.

The number of our healthcare professionals has reached 1 million 100 thousand as well, which makes up the highest rate of employment in public service. If Turkey had not improved its healthcare system and capacity to this extent, God forbid, it could have been completely defeated by this pandemic. I would like to take this opportunity to extend my gratitude once again to our healthcare professionals who have been selflessly fulfilling their duties during the pandemic period. I wish Allah’s mercy upon our healthcare professionals who have passed on to the great beyond again in this process. By joining hands as the state and people, we will hopefully defeat this evil."

"We will continue the fight against pandemic in a determined manner"

Recalling that in addition to fighting against the pandemic and continuing to provide services to their citizens uninterruptedly and that they had also responded to the calls for aid of 153 different countries and 8 international organizations, Erdoğan said that they had also brought back almost 100 thousand of their citizens from 141 different countries across the world, where they were residing temporarily, through the air, land, and sea bridges they had built, and besides that, they had enabled 5 thousand 500 foreigners from 67 different countries to return to their countries.

President Erdoğan said that during the pandemic period, in which even developed countries left their citizens to their own devices, Turkey had truly maintained a noble stance at home and abroad, adding, " Neither our country nor the world has been able to completely overcome the pandemic yet. Our country has managed to keep the process under control thanks to the timely precautions we have adopted and the effective treatment protocols we have developed. We will continue this fight until the day the pandemic is no longer a threat naturally or through medical treatment." 

Underlining that the strongest and most effective measure against the pandemic was still the elements which are hygiene, masks, and distance that we abbreviate as TAMAM (OKAY in Turkish), Erdoğan said, “With Allah’s permission, we will defeat this virus together and continue to walk arm in arm toward a future filled with health, peace, prosperity, and well-being.”