President Erdoğan goes to Hungary

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan held a press conference at Esenboğa Airport in Ankara before leaving for Hungary to attend the 4th meeting of the Turkey-Hungary High Level Strategic Cooperation Council.

“Operation Peace Spring served as a litmus paper, revealing Turkey’s true friends”

“Operation Peace Spring served as a litmus paper, revealing our country’s true friends,” President Erdoğan said, thanking all friendly nations that displayed strong solidarity with Turkey from the beginning of the operation.

Recalling the 120-hour deadline agreed upon with the US for the removal withdrawal of terrorist organizations, including PKK/YPG/PYD and DAESH from the designated safe zone and the 150-hour deadline agreed on with Russia for the withdrawal of terrorist organizations from the areas under their control, President Erdoğan said: “The deadlines have expired but the terrorists are not gone yet.” Underscoring that terrorists continued to attack Syrian National Army (SNA), President Erdoğan said: “11 SNA soldiers were martyred this morning. And the SNA is responding in kind.”

Capture of al-Baghdadi's relatives

In answer to a question as to where and how the captured family members of al Baghdadi will be tried, President Erdoğan noted that al Baghdadi’s sister, wife and child were sent to repatriation centers and that the Ministry of Justice would decide on the matter.

“We will not backtrack on the memorandum”

In answer to a question whether the joint patrols with Russia would continue, President Erdoğan said: “Surely, we will continue and fully fulfill the requirements of the memorandum. We will not backtrack on the memorandum.”

Following his remarks, President Erdoğan left for Budapest for his official visit.