Presidency’s Directorate of Communications and SETA organize a Panel on ’Turkish-US Relations Three Years After 15 July Coup Attempt’

Presidency’s Directorate of Communications and the Washington Office of the Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research (SETA DC) jointly organized a panel on "Turkish-US Relations Three Years After 15 July Coup Attempt" in the US.

AK Party Diyarbakır Deputy Mehdi Eker participated in the panel and evaluated FETÖ’s 15 July coup attempt and the Turkish-US relations.

Eker noted that to understand the organizational structure of FETÖ, it is necessary to read how well it penetrated into the state and added that the United States should ascertain the secret structure of this organization.

The panel’s session titled the "Regional Competitiveness and Cooperation in the Syrian Crisis" was attended by Turkey's Ambassador to Washington Serdar Kılıç as well as the Middle East Institute Senior Fellow Charles Lister and SETA Foreign Policy Researches Director Prof. Muhittin Ataman, while US-Turkey Business Council Executive Director Jennifer Miel, Turkish Maarif Foundation (TMV) Chairman Prof. Birol Akgün and Senior Fellow at Hudson Institute Michael Doran participated in another session titled "Bilateral Relations Since 15 July Coup Attempt”.