International Strategic Communication Summit discusses strategic communication in an evolving world

International Strategic Communication Summit discusses strategic communication in an evolving world

At the International Strategic Communication Summit (Stratcom Summit), convened for the second time this year by the Presidency's Directorate of Communications, communication experts addressed the significance of strategic communication in an evolving world.

"Stratcom for Resilience: Challenges in an Evolving World" was the summit's first panel at Istanbul TIM Maslak Show Centre, where global issues in strategic communication were discussed.

Director of the Israeli Government Press Office Nitzan Chen stated in his address that bilateral and communicative relations between Türkiye and Israel gained new momentum during Yair Lapid's tenure as prime minister, which also impacted interactions between societies.

Chen said that the press office "plays a significant role in the sphere of journalism and communications in Israel" and elaborated that the office "works closely with foreign media to provide accurate and accessible information."

Noting that he worked as a journalist in Israel for more than three decades, Chen also underlined the significance of foreign media in his country.

The importance of "truth" was highlighted in the address by Edgar Lorenzo Padron Castillo, Venezuela's Deputy Minister of Communication Planning and Strategy.

Castillo stated, "Political and institutional rhetoric matters," and added that politics is not merely a discussion of the past but also of the future and making commitments regarding it.

Castillo remarked, "Not only is it about culture, but it is a channel to show people what we wish to convey."

Nordin Abdullah, Founding Chairman of the Malaysia Crisis Management Centre, spoke on the various policies adopted in Australia to regulate social media companies that "produce certain content."

Abdullah said it was possible to oversee the activities of social media companies.

Former Ambassador of Poland to Estonia and Slovakia and former Director of the NATO Information Office in Moscow, Tomasz Chłoń, also compared Russia's communication strategy before and after it started the war in Ukraine.

The Spokesperson of the Government of North Macedonia, Dushko Arsovski, said that his country was also active in the digital world and faced some challenges, particularly after changing its name as part of a 2018 agreement with its neighbour Greece.

The summit will continue for two days

Stratcom Summit 2022, where global issues in the field of strategic communication are discussed, will continue tomorrow. Fifty-two speakers and more than 3,000 participants from more than 24 countries are attending the summit, organised with the theme of "Strategic Communication in the Age of Uncertainty."

There are stands of the Directorate of Communications, TRT, Anadolu Agency and Turkish Airlines, as well as Google and YouTube in the event area.

The International Strategic Communication Summit 2022, a leading platform in its field, demonstrates the versatility of the communication field through its cultural activities and side events and aims to increase the professionalism, governance, resilience and leadership capacity in the field of communication.