“A fair peace will have no losers”

“A fair peace will have no losers”

Delivering remarks at a meeting between negotiation delegations of Russia and Ukraine, President Erdoğan said: “We believe a fair peace will have no losers. A prolonged conflict is not in anyone’s interest.”

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan delivered remarks at a meeting between negotiation delegations of Russia and Ukraine in Istanbul.

Beginning his remarks by voicing Türkiye’s pleasure to host the Russian and Ukrainian delegations at such a critical time, and to contribute to their efforts to restore peace, President Erdoğan said: “I hope the talks will lead to auspicious results for both countries, the region and the entire humanity. The negotiation process, you conduct in line with the directives of your leaders, has increased hopes for peace and excited the whole world. In this spirit, we wholeheartedly support the talks.”

Highlighting the great efforts exerted by the delegations for the sake of their countries, President Erdoğan congratulated the Russian and Ukrainian delegations.


Noting that the conflict, into its 5th week, deeply saddens Türkiye as a friendly and neighboring country, President Erdoğan said: “Since the very day the crisis broke out, we have exerted sincere efforts at all levels with the aim of preventing escalation. We have tried to do what is required by our neighborly relations, friendship, and connection. I have personally conducted intensive diplomacy with many of my counterparts, your presidents in particular. My foreign minister, defense minister, and senior advisor Mr. Kalın have been in constant contact with their counterparts. On all the international platforms where we have say, we have displayed a fair approach that observes and protects the rights and concerns of both sides. As a country that witnessed various sufferings in its region, we have endeavored to prevent a similar picture north of the Black Sea.”

Underscoring that Türkiye never have and never will hesitate from undertaking responsibilities for peace and stability in its region and beyond, President Erdoğan said: “We believe a fair peace will have no losers. A prolonged conflict is not in anyone’s interest. Every person who dies, every building destroyed, every resource blown up or buried in the ground that should have been spent for prosperity is a value that has been taken away from our common future.”

Pointing out that it is in the hands of the parties to put an end to this tragedy, President Erdoğan said: “Ensuring a ceasefire and peace as soon as possible would benefit all parties. We think we have entered a period when concrete results should be achieved at the talks. Given the current progress, you as members of delegations have undertaken a historic responsibility. The entire world is awaiting beneficial and good news from you. You are laying the foundation for peace in line with the directives of your leaders. We stand ready for all kinds of contributions that will facilitate your work.”

“Today, I will leave for Tashkent to pay an official visit to Uzbekistan. However, I am leaving my foreign minister in Istanbul to provide you with the necessary support in case you need it. It is possible to reach a solution which will address the legitimate concerns of both countries and will be recognized by the international community. I believe you will not hesitate to take initiatives to restore peace,” President Erdoğan said.

Noting that Türkiye does not have a mediator role in the talks, President Erdoğan said: “However, we will continue to provide facilitating means as long as you ask for or need them. Surely, we are aware that you are dealing with difficult and complicated issues at the talks. That said, the proposals on the table and the agreement to be reached will certainly constitute the foundation for the ultimate peace to be established in the future. I am confident that you will be able to reach a lasting, fair and sustainable solution with a sense of responsibility, dedication and a constructive understanding. The progress you will make in the negotiations will also enable the next stage, which is establishing contact at the leaders' level. We are ready to host such a meeting as well. Even your meeting here is a reason for hope in the world and in your countries. I hope that your efforts on the path to peace will turn into beneficial results. I ask of you to convey my most heartfelt greetings to your heads of state, each of whom is a dear friend of mine. I wish you all success in your negotiations."