International members of the media travelling to Türkiye on a temporary mission (for a period of up to 3 months) should apply to the Directorate of Communications (DoC) for press credentials which are valid for three months.

As of 1 January 2023, members of the international press who wish to be temporarily accredited for up to 3 months are required to obtain a press visa from the diplomatic missions of the Republic of Türkiye following the approval of the Directorate of Communications.

Documents Required for Temporary Accreditation:

1) Application Form For Temporary Accreditation

2) Letter of Introduction confirming applicant’s status; obtained from the related country's (where the organisations headquarter is based) Embassy/Consulate in Türkiye (this letter must be written in Turkish.)

3) Letter from the applicant’s organization confirming his/her assignment to Türkiye as a journalist, including the purpose and length of his/her visit

The applicant’s authorization letter must be:

  • addressed to Presidency of the Republic of Türkiye Directorate of Communications,
  • indicating the position/title of the applicant,
  • including the assignment dates that the applicant will carry out his/her work in Türkiye,
  • written on a recently dated, headed and signed by the related director.

4) Photocopy of the ID pages of the applicant’s passport

5) Passport size photo;

The photograph that will be printed on your credential be as per requirements below:

  • the photograph must not be older than six months
  • the photograph must have a white background
  • must face the camera directly with both ears visible

Selfies or photos that do not meet the requirements mentioned above will not be accepted.

Press members who have completed the documents mentioned above should apply via e-mail to pressaccreditation@iletisim.gov.tr. In countries where there are press counselor’s offices, applications must be made through the press counselor’s office.

Press members whose applications are approved must apply for a press visa from the diplomatic missions of the Republic of Türkiye. After the press visa is sent to pressaccreditation@iletisim.gov.tr. the document of temporary accreditation is prepared and the press member is informed via e-mail.

Please Note: The DoC is authorized to request other documents which may be considered relevant. False statements in the application form or false documents may lead to the revocation of the Temporary Accreditation Credential.



e-mail: pressaccreditation@iletisim.gov.tr



Presidency of the Republic of Türkiye
Directorate of Communications

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Phone: +90 (312) 590 20 00


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