Presidential High Advisory Board convenes under President Erdoğan’s Chairmanship

Presidential High Advisory Board convenes under President Erdoğan’s Chairmanship

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan attended the High Advisory Board Meeting at the Presidential Complex. 

Director of Communications Fahrettin Altun made a written statement following the meeting, which was closed to the press and lasted for five hours.

Altun stated that the steps to be taken against groundless and anti-Turkey allegations regarding the events of 1915 were discussed during the meeting, in which President Erdoğan stressed that the hostility seeds that were tried to be sown through distorted historical events would not be able to find the opportunity to flourish in the land of truth. 

Stating that the meeting touched upon the policies aimed at preventing the efforts to utilize a challenging and painful era endured by all Ottoman citizens for the sake of political calculations through lies and slanders that were invented by various power groups, Altun made the following remarks:

"During the meeting, comprehensive steps were discussed so as to prevent the Armenian lobby that plays politics with the events of 1915 in order to defame Turkey and our nation and also the propaganda made by countries through unrealistic allegations that manipulate the issue with political calculations, and also the projects and activities set to shed light on historical and legal dimensions of the issue along with facts for the national and international public were also addressed.” 

The meeting was also attended by Board members İsmail Kahraman, Bülent Arınç, Cemil Çiçek, Köksal Toptan, Mehmet Ali Şahin, Yıldırım Akbulut, Director of Administrative Affairs of the Presidency Metin Kıratlı, Director of Communications Fahrettin Altun and Chief of Cabinet of the Presidency Hasan Doğan.