Presidency’s Directorate of Communications to organize anti-coup coding contest

Presidency’s Directorate of Communications to organize anti-coup coding contest

The introductory meeting of the “July 15 International Anti-Coup Hackathon” to be organized under auspices of the Presidency’s Directorate of Communications in September was held in Istanbul. 

President of the International Cyber Policing Organization (CyberPOL) Ricardo Baretzky attended the meeting, in which he recalled that the coups have occurred in most of the developing countries since the Second World War and caused these countries to fall behind in terms of economic and democracy.

"Are we ready for a future military coup that will shake our stability?" asked Baretzky, adding that the world is suffering a hard period, a crisis and the current situation on the borders of Hong Kong, Venezuela and Mexico indicates the sensitivity of the period, and thus touched upon the July 15 coup attempt, organized by FETÖ.

Stating that the July 15 was organized by using external intelligence, data and element of security, Baretzky said that we have seen how technology could save a country from a catastrophe on the uprising night of July 15. 

Baretzky added the following: 

“We cannot ignore the risks of a coup in the future. That's why we are here today. The need for such programs aimed at preventing national and international military coup attempts has never been greater. If this is ignored, the cost will be heavy. Possible military coups can be prevented by combining technology and knowledge. The key to this is the hackathons. Two steps are taken for hackathons groups. First, we should analyze the data obtained in the last century. We can understand this by creating information graphics and showing how military coups affect economy, culture, demography and democracy. The second step is to develop applications in the course of collecting these big data. At this point, we should consider applications to see how we can stop and prevent military coups. For example, the information previously collected during the Hurricane Katrina period was used and analyzed. As a result, big data is very important in terms of hindering military coups and preventing future coups.”

Stating that the software developers throughout the world should come together for this mission, Baretzky said, “Because leading together with hackathons with regard to military coups affects all communities in the world. All regions should participate in this global hackathon programming event.”

Baretzky stressed that their mission was peace, stability and brotherhood, adding that they want to work collectively.

The first and only in its field 

Media Relations Coordinator of the Presidency’s Directorate of Communications Mücahid Eker stressed that the Turkish nation showed on July 15 how they protected their country under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan by risking their lives in the face of a threat against the country’s independence and future. 

Stating that Turkey should create a memory which would never efface the sufferings of that night or the victory it has won through honorable resistance, Eker said: 

“As the Presidency’s Directorate of Communications, we carry out a series of activities. The July 15 International Anti-Coup Hackathon is a part of this effort. We will try to offer solutions on how to prevent the impacts of military coups in the world during the hackathon, which will be held in Turkey and the world for the first time in such a field. The combat and unity spirit of the hackathon method will be combined with the spirit of July 15, and thus reveal the first and only application work with data analysis and anti-coup concept in the field of military coups. The slogan of the July 15 International Anti-Coup Hackathon, which was started out under auspices of the Presidency’s Directorate of Communications, was shaped as ‘United We Stand’ on the basis of the Turkish nation’s determination to struggle.”

Eker stated that the July 15 International Anti-Coup Hackathon to be organized internationally with the participation of 15 teams from Turkey and the world would be broadcast partly on TV and live-streamed online.