Panel Series in the US by the Presidency’s Directorate of Communications

Panel Series in the US by the Presidency’s Directorate of Communications

Presidency’s Directorate of Communications will organize a panel series titled "Turkey-US Relations: Same Origin/New Vision" in the USA on May 21-24.

The panel series called "Turkey-US Relations: Same Origin/New Vision" and organized by the Presidency of The Republic of Turkey Directorate of Communications, will be held in the US on 21-24 May 2019 in Washington and New York, respectively.

The panel series where the past, present and future of Turkey-US relations will be discussed thoroughly, will be attended by Deputy Foreign Minister Selim Kıran, President of Altınbaş University and the Presidency’s Security and Foreign Policies Council Member Prof. Dr. Çağrı Erhan, and academician/journalist Bora Bayraktar.

The panels aim to develop Turkish-American relations and explain correctly Turkey's policies and thesis in various fields to the American society and members of the Congress.

During the program, besides holding round table meetings with the prominent members of the US academic community, fast-breaking meal (iftar) programs with the participation of representatives of Muslim, Jewish and Christian societies living in the United States will be carried out.

The first series of panels will be held at the 2020 Rayburn Building of the US House of Representatives tomorrow and moderated by Brenda Shaffer, Director of Washington University’s Center for European, Russian and Eastern European Studies.

The panel to be held in the House of Representatives is particularly important in the sense that the Turkish-US relations will be discussed at the House of Representatives with the participation of members of the Congress.

Furthermore, the aim is to be in solidarity with Palestinians by hosting a fast-breaking meal (iftar) event hosted by the Turkish Embassy in Washington for the benefit of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA).

The panel in New York will be organized at Harvard Club (The Cambridge Room, 35W 44th St.) on Thursday, May 23.

The panel, which is expected to be attended by prominent academy and press members of the US, will be moderated by Cameron Munter, the CEO and President of the EastWest Institute.

The panel will be followed by talks with representatives of the Turkish community and Turkish press members living in the US.