“Our unity is our greatest strength”

Issuing a message on Eid al-Adha, President Erdoğan said: “I pray that the holy days of the Eid may yield auspicious results for the entire Muslim world and all mankind as well as our nation.”

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan issued the following message on Eid al-Adha:

“The worship of sacrifice, which is an occasion to get closer to Allah and to get his consent, and which is a symbol of the unconditional surrender to the Lord, is Sunnah to some scholars, whereas it is a duty to some. Performing the worship of sacrifice for those who can afford it in religious aspects is sign and symbol of Islam across the world.

I congratulate my each and every brother and sister who observes Eid al-Adha in line with its essence as well as its form. We should avoid moving our Eids away from their vital position in our religion and turning them into just a means of trade and supply.

“I wish the spiritual climate of Eid al-Adha to be the good news for our bright future in all areas"

We are responsible for conveying in a lively manner this holy worship, which has been continuing since Hazrat Ibrahim, to our children. Generations who do not believe in God, his angels, his books, his prophets, the afterlife, fate or destiny; who do not know the shahada, prayer, fasting or hajj; and who are unaware of their civilization, history, culture or ancestors, are a disaster for us. That is why we should instill our values in the hearts and minds of our children at home, at school and in every sphere of life.

I wish the spiritual climate of Eid al-Adha, which we are observing during a period when our country, region and the world are going through a historic transformation process, to be the good news for our bright future in all areas.

Our unity, solidarity and brotherhood are our greatest strength today as well, as has always been the case in these lands that we have been living in for a thousand years. The month of August is described in our history as the month of victories. We experienced many milestones, from the Victory of Manzikert, which we will be marking after almost two weeks, and the Mercidabık Victory to the August 30 Victory, the climax of our War of Independence, and the Cyprus Peace Operation, within this month. Ultimately, we launched Operation Euphrates Shield, the first blow we dealt to the terror corridor sought to be established along our Syrian border, on an August day as well. We will, inshallah, add a new victory to our string of victories in this August.

"With each progress we make, we further open the doors to our future”

The state of the Republic of Turkey, as a country which is the hope of all its brothers and friends as well as its citizens, will continue to grow further stronger and bigger at every step it takes. With each progress we make in democracy, economy and defense, we further open the doors to our future and get closer to our goals. When we compare our agenda in the last Eid al-Adha and today’s agenda, we see that we have made positive progress in all areas.

We will continue in the period ahead to frustrate those who seek to halt our country through many malicious methods, from terrorist organizations’ attacks to economic traps. On this occasion, I pray to Allah in order for the worship of our brothers and sisters, who are in holy lands for Hajj, to be accepted. I pray to our Lord for salvation for all the oppressed groaning in all regions, be it near or far.

"I ask all our citizens to strictly abide by traffic rules”

I ask all our citizens who set off for Eid visits or holiday to strictly abide by traffic rules and to fasten seatbelts during their journeys. Please, let us all be more careful and act more responsibly in order not to cast a shadow over our mood of rejoicing and not to put pain in hearts. I wish that Eid al-Adha may bring relief to our hearts, wellbeing to our country and peace to our world. Eid Mubarak!”