Director of Communications Fahrettin Altun’s statement on social media

We have something to say to those people who have tried to take the President’s remarks on certain social media platforms out of context and distort them today.

The President has fought guardianship regimes, anti-democratic elements and repressive mindsets throughout his political life. Unfortunately, certain social media platforms violate the rights of our citizens today. Said platforms do not contribute to the protection of our citizens against sexual abuse, obscenity, gambling, fraud, incitement of crimes, terror propaganda and insults, which are considered crimes under our laws. Quite the contrary, they facilitate those crimes despite repeated warnings. At the same time, those platforms uncontrollably make profits in our country and continue their operations immune to any tax obligations.

The President has stressed the importance of relevant bodies making necessary legal arrangements in said area for the sake of our nation’s unity, integrity and interests, and reminded international social media companies yet again that they must live up to their responsibilities in Turkey as around the world. He has specifically added that necessary arrangements and checks will be put in place, in line with the rule of law, as elsewhere in the world.

There is ongoing work on a comprehensive legal arrangement with regard to said area. We are taking necessary steps to ensure that internet and social media companies establish legal and financial representation in our country.

That certain groups, whose hostility towards our nation and our values knows no limits, attempts to portray the views of the President, who fought bans and repression for years, as oppressive and repressive is futile. We would like to stress that we were not surprised to find out that those who compare Turkey to other countries sided with hypocritical social media companies against their own country.

Turkey is a powerful country with the rule of law. We will always remain committed to defending our rights, protect the truth, and to defend our nation and our values against such attacks.