Digital Truck of Presidency’s Directorate of Communications travels around Türkiye

Digital Truck of Presidency’s Directorate of Communications travels around Türkiye

The Presidency's Directorate of Communications launched the Digital Truck Project to tell of Türkiye's national, historical, cultural, scientific, and technological wealth through digital presentations.

The Truck, which started its tour around Türkiye from Edirne on February 19 currently welcomes visitors at Democracy and Republic Square in Isparta, after Tekirdağ, Balıkesir, Manisa, İzmir, Aydın, Muğla, Denizli, and Burdur.

Visitors are admitted to the Digital Truck one a time and given masks at the entrance in compliance with the pandemic measures.

The Digital Truck, which has a 40-square-meter interior, features a three-dimensional holographic server that greets visitors and provides information generated with high technology elements.

Inside is a motion-sensitive screen, 3D virtual box, a green screen and magic mirror experience areas.

The specially produced motion-sensitive screen animates the movements of the visitor passing or standing in front of it via advanced technology motion detection systems. Users can have a flight experience with Türkiye's national pride, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

The green screen experience makes the visitors, who are photographed in front of a special material, as if they were in a predetermined environment, thanks to advanced technology data processing facilities. TA copy of the created image can be printed immediately by hand or sent by e-mail. In this area, a digital certificate is also created that shows the success of the flight experience.

The 3D virtual box experience, on the other hand, provides a floating view for the viewers without any connection to any structure, while giving a surreal impression by creating holography in the air with cutting-edge technology. The hologram of the Fatih drilling vessel, our sixth-generation ultra-marine drilling ship, is also displayed in this area.

As part of the project launched to contribute to Türkiye's future vision, the Digital Truck, with areas offering different digital and technological experiences and applications, will visit 52 provinces.

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