Directorate of Communications launches website on details about the Canal Istanbul Project

Directorate of Communications launched the website “” which contains details about the Canal Istanbul Project and answers to all questions.

Director of Communications Fahrettin Altun announced the launching of the website “” on his Twitter account, saying, “Bosphorus will breathe, Turkey will win. We would like to see those who are inquisitive checking our website. May it be beneficial and prosperous for all.”

The website contains all details, such as why Canal Istanbul is needed and the purpose of the project, preparation and construction processes, strategic and economic achievements and scientific and technical studies.

In addition to official documents and texts related to Canal Istanbul, the booklet “Canal Istanbul in 50 Questions” that consists of answers to the most popular questions among the public is available on the website.

Described with infographics and videos

The website explains the allegations and facts about Canal Istanbul along with infographics and videos, which were prepared based on scientific research data.

The website also includes details about the routes and the integrated structures designed for the project, as well as the headlines “Canal examples from the world”, “Accidents in the Bosphorus” and “Montreux and Canal Istanbul.”

The “Preparation Process” part of the website examines the results of geological, geotechnical, geophysical, hydrological and hydrogeological analyzes, marine and natural disaster researches and traffic studies that have been conducted until today within the framework of the project.

The part of the website titled “I Want to Know Everything” which contains data from scientific researches conducted within the scope of the project in terms of the safety of life and property, the historical and cultural heritage of Istanbul and the protection of nature and preservation of natural life is also accessible.