About the RIghts Statement


Office of the Prime Minister Directorate General of Press and Information (DGPI) is participating in the Commons initiative to increase public access to the institution's digital photography collection.


A great extent of the DGPI Photography Collection is composed of the works of photographers who have been employed within the body of the Directorate General. Furthermore, the collection also includes photographs transferred from other public institutions and images donated with their intellectual property rights.


The images we have shared on the Commons are marked with "no known copyright restrictions". This indicates that the Directorate General cannot be held responsible for copyright infringements since either the General Directorate owns the copyright of the material shared, or no evidence has been found that copyright restrictions apply for the material, or the term of copyright associated with the material has expired.


Please contact the Directorate General if you have information about copyright holders of whom the Directorate General is unaware.


The photos we have shared from our archive are to be used for educational, historical research and personal purposes. The images can be shared with proper credit given to the Directorate General; however they cannot be used for commercial purposes.