President Erdoğan shares a video to commemorate July 15 heroes

President Erdoğan shares a video to commemorate July 15 heroes

President Erdoğan shared a video to commemorate the July 15 heroes.

In the post he shared on social media with the hashtag "Victory of Democracy", President Erdoğan said, "We remember with grace and gratitude all our heroes who taught a lesson to the traitors who attempted to take our country captive on July 15, by risking their lives to defend their homeland. The flag cannot be lowered! The adhan cannot be silenced!"

The video shared by President Erdoğan and featuring animated images stated the following:

"Çanakkale is impassable. Mehmetcik, who stood up to bullets to protect their homeland and independence, cannot die. Courage is invincible, a nation that marches on the barrels of traitors and unites bravely at the intersection of two continents on July 15 is inseparable, and their persistence is invincible. A nation that strengthens itself in every field, from defence to technology, from energy to health, and that recognizes the importance of working nonstop after achieving victory through hard work, cannot be defeated.

The blue homeland is invincible. Your presence in the vast blue waters where Oruç Reis, Barbaros, and Turgut Reis wrote epics is unavertable. The Eastern Mediterranean is invincible. Your compassionate and helpful effort, which illuminates every area touched by the crescent and star and reaches out to the poor, is invincible. The Turkish youth, whose future is in the skies, is invincible in their pursuit of the new and better all the time, with unwavering determination. Understanding that true power stems from unity, the noble Turkish nation is invincible. You are Türkiye, the homeland of a nation that has been in love with its flag and land for hundreds of years. Türkiye is invincible."