Director of Communications Altun shares a post on “Pandemic Isolation Tracking Project”

Director of Communications Altun shares a post on “Pandemic Isolation Tracking Project”

Director of Communications Fahrettin Altun stated that Turkey continued to take new measures in the fight against coronavirus and that the Ministry of Health developed the “Pandemic Isolation Tracking Project” in this context. 

In posts on his Twitter account, Altun said, “We continue to introduce new measures in our fight against coronavirus. Our latest step has been the “Pandemic Isolation Tracking Project’ developed by our Ministry of Health. With this project, we are now stronger against the virus! We are self-sufficient, Turkey.”

Director of Communications Altun also shared a video about the “Pandemic Isolation Tracking Project”. 

The video about the Project said the following:

“Pandemic Isolation Tracking Project is a project developed by the Ministry of Health with the aim of ensuring that the rule of isolation, which is the most important measure to take the Covid-19 pandemic under control and to prevent its spread, is followed. 

How does the isolation tracking system work?
If the citizens who must be isolated at home due to the risk of Covid-19 leave their homes, they will receive a warning via SMS.

In addition, these people will be contacted instantly through the automatic call technology and they will be asked to return to their place of isolation.

Those who fail to comply with the warning and continue to violate the rule will be notified to relevant law enforcement units to ensure that necessary administrative measures and sanctions are imposed. 

The road control security teams will be able to perform a check of individuals’ information and find out whether they are violating the isolation or not.

Similar projects implemented in different countries of the world enable significant achievements in the fight against Covid-19. 

Turkey continues to use all available means of technology in its effective fight against Covid-19. The purpose of the Isolation tracking system is to protect the health of individuals and their relatives as well as public health. The Pandemic Isolation Tracking Project, which will serve as a very effective instrument in the fight against Covid-19, aims to significantly reduce the spread of the virus. 
Pandemic Isolation Tracking Project is certainly not in contravention of the Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data.”