Two exhibitions by Presidency’s Directorate of Communications in New York

The Presidency's Directorate of Communications will hold two exhibitions in New York, USA titled "American Ottomans" and "The Legends of Hagia Sophia".

The exhibition titled “American Ottomans" will be on display for art enthusiasts from September 19 to 25, while "The Legends of Hagia Sophia" will be on display from September 19 to 24 at Gallery 23 in New York, USA.

The "American Ottomans" exhibition, which runs from September 19 to 25, will follow the footsteps of Ottoman citizens who travelled to the United States in the mid-nineteenth century and built a unique world there over time. The exhibition will unearth a vanished world as well as people’s life stories that have been altered by wars, outbreaks, natural disasters, and diplomatic crises.

“The Legends of Hagia Sophia” Exhibition

"The Legends of Hagia Sophia" exhibition, which runs from September 19 to 24, will take visitors back in time to see Hagia Sophia and its 1500-year history from a different perspective. The myths surrounding Hagia Sophia are portrayed through a new interpretation utilizing neo-classical style illustrations, which depict various historical figures, stories, places, and components. 

Along with the most detailed chronology of Hagia Sophia prepared up to date, two virtual reality contents describing the 1500-year architectural and social history, unique architecture, history and legends of Hagia Sophia, which have survived for hundreds of years despite looting, plunder, destruction and earthquakes, will be experienced through the cutting-edge technologies.

From October 11 to November 15, the Directorate of Communications will bring the exhibition "The Legends of Hagia Sophia," which will be exhibited in New York, to art enthusiasts in Istanbul, in the courtyard of the Hagia Sophia Mosque.