III. Türkiye-Africa Partnership Summit (December 16-18, 2021, Istanbul)

Presidency of the Republic of Türkiye

Directorate of Communications



30 November 2021

The Third Turkey-Africa Partnership Summit, which will be held on December 16-18 under the auspices of Presidency of the Republic of Türkiye, will be attended by the Heads of State/Government of African countries and the African Union Commission.

The Summit’s media coordination will be conducted by the Presidency’s Directorate of Communications.

The Summit’s media coordination will be based on two main pillars.

   I. Third Turkey-Africa Summit Press Accreditation

      1. General Information

The Summit will be held at the Istanbul Congress Centre on 16-18 December 2021.

African countries, the Commission of the African Union and other international organisations have been invited to the Summit. The invited countries are expected to attend the meeting with delegations led at the Presidential and Ministerial levels.

     2. Accreditation

Journalists interested in covering the Summit must apply for accreditation by uploading the necessary documents to http://akreditasyon.iletisim.gov.tr between 29 November and 10 December 2021.

Applications submitted after the deadline will not be taken into consideration.

        a. Members of National Press

National media members with a press card are not required to submit any documents (Note: Permanent Press Card and Free Press Card holders must type the name of the institution they represent to cover the meeting in the “Remarks” tab and upload the assignment letter from their institutions).

National media members without a press card must upload the assignment letter (headed, signed and sealed by the authorized person) from the institution they work for into the system.

        b. Members of International Press (Based in Türkiye)

International press members based in Türkiye will not upload any documents into the system, but will instead complete their application by logging in with the e-mail addresses and passwords they use for permanent accreditation.

E-mail addresses other than the ones used for permanent accreditation will not be considered as valid addresses. Press members who cannot remember their e-mail addresses can contact pressaccreditation@iletisim.gov.tr for further information.

        c. Members of International Press (Based Abroad)

Members of international press coming from abroad will have to complete their application for accreditation by uploading a letter of authorization (on letterhead, signed and stamped by the authorized supervisor) from the media organization they are affiliated with and a copy of their passport.


Accreditation Steps

Visit the web portal http://akreditasyon.iletisim.gov.tr

If you are a first-time applicant, click on the “Sign Up” button and enter your e-mail address and a password of your choice and register.

Next, click on the activation link sent to your e-mail and complete your registration.

On the web page that opens after clicking the activation link, log in using your e-mail address and password.

Fill out your personal information on the profile page and upload your photograph. (The information you submit should be identical with ID cards for members of the national press and with passports for international press.)

In the "Choose Application" field on the page that opens, click on "Africa Summit (December 16-18, 2021)" and choose the events you want to attend.

For national and international press members holding press passes; media organization, position and contact information will automatically appear on the system. Members of the press will complete their application by clicking on the “Send” button on the right corner of the page.

National and International media members who do not have a press pass will upload the required documents to the system and complete their application by clicking on the “Send” button on the lower right corner of the page.

Members of the media who have successfully completed their application will receive an e-mail stating, "Your application has been registered in the system." (If you have not received such an email, please reapply.)

Members of the media whose applications are approved will receive a confirmation e-mail stating, "Your application has been approved”.

Please do not forget the e-mail and password you have used to register for accreditation. You will need to use the same log in information in your other applications.

Accreditation cards can be collected from the Directorate of Communications’ Regional Directorate in Istanbul on December 13-14, 2021, and from the press centre to be set up at the Istanbul Congress Centre, where the summit will be held, from December 15, 2021 onwards.


   II. Turkey-Africa Summit Press Coordination

Press Centre Procedures

All necessary steps will be taken to facilitate the jobs and operations of journalists at the press centre to be set up at the Summit venue.

The schedule, as well as all printed and visual materials related to the Summit, will be made available to press members in a comprehensive manner.

Images from the Summit will be shared with press members through on-site screens.

Press members will be informed of the Summit's live broadcast frequency and password for internet access.

Relevant units will be notified immediately about interview requests from national and international media outlets, and necessary guidance will be provided in accordance with responses.