The Directorate of Communications Revives the Historical Spirit on the 482nd Anniversary of Preveza Naval Victory

The Directorate of Communications Revives the Historical Spirit on the 482nd Anniversary of Preveza Naval Victory

A series of programs and projects have been carried out by the Directorate of Communications to revive the spirit of the 482nd anniversary of the Preveza Victory, one of the turning points in Turkish and world maritime history. In this context, while a book titled “Preveza Naval Victory”, the preface of which was penned by President Erdoğan has been prepared; the historical battle was re-enacted with a hologram show on the water-screen platform set up in the Golden Horn, Istanbul. The Directorate has also prepared a virtual reality (VR) video that explains, with an anthem and video, Turkey’s battle for the “Blue Homeland” from the past to present.

A series of programs and projects were carried out by the Directorate of Communications in order to explain the importance of the victory achieved by the Ottoman navy under the command of Barbaros Kheireddin Pasha, the Captain of the Sea, against the Christian fleet during the Naval Battle of Preveza in 1538, in terms of Turkish and world maritime history, and to revive the spirit of this glorious victory on its 482nd anniversary.

The Preveza Book with the preface penned by President Erdoğan

In this framework, the Directorate of Communications has prepared a book in memory of Barbaros Kheireddin Pasha, which tells the tale of the Preveza Naval Victory that changed the course of history.

“The Chronology of Turkish Naval Dominance” and “Our Famous Sailors” sections have been included in the book which examines the historical, military, and political aspects of Preveza Naval Victory.

The preface of the book was penned by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

In the preface, President Erdoğan stated that the historical power struggle in and around the Mediterranean was also being observed today.

Emphasizing the deep-rooted history of the Turks in the seas, President Erdoğan noted the following:

“We realized how important it was to dominate the seas immediately after we made Anatolia our homeland, and we set to work on establishing a navy for this purpose. In this regard, it is noteworthy that Suleiman the Magnificent started the works on the establishment of a navy in 1082, as he was preparing to conquer Istanbul. Furthermore, it is also a source of pride that Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror founded the Istanbul Naval Shipyard (Tersane-i Amire) in Kasımpaşa in 1455 and that this shipyard received the admiration of foreign countries as one of the largest naval shipyards in the world.

Many great sailors, such as Turgut Reis, the Captain of the Sea Barbaros (Hızır) Kheireddin Pasha, and Kılıç Ali Pasha, emerged within our civilization, and these great commanders were renowned not only in this geography but also throughout the world. As a result of the Tersane-i Amire and other naval shipyards established by the ancestors during the Yıldırım Bayezid, Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror, Sultan Selim the Stern, and Suleiman the Magnificent periods, the Ottomans were active not only in their mainland but also in the entire Black Sea and the Mediterranean, in regions such as the Atlantic Ocean, the Red Sea, the Persian Gulf, and the Indian Ocean. The Republic of Turkey is carrying this valuable heritage, experience, and knowledge from its ancestors on to a future that is self-confident, aware of its power and comprehends its history correctly.”

Indicating that the book on the Preveza Naval Victory would definitely be a seed sown in the minds and hearts of the youth, President Erdoğan said: “I wish this chronological source in which the victories of Barbaros Kheireddin Pasha, the Captain of the Sea, who contributed to the Ottoman State to achieve great dominance in the Mediterranean with his victories as a naval genius, was called as one of the greatest sailors in history, even centuries after his death, and the Preveza Naval Victory, which changed the course of history, to be a source that guides our future, taking its strength from its history.’’

On this occasion, President Erdoğan reminded that they upheld a tradition that had been preserved by Turkish sailors for centuries, after a century-long interruption: “The tradition of the Ottoman navy to salute (‘‘çimavira’’ salute) the tomb of the great Turkish sailor, Barbaros Kheireddin Pasha, the Captain of the Sea, built by the great master Architect Sinan, before setting sail, was brought back to life by our navy as a sign of our respect to our ancestors and their works, following the Blue Homeland-2019 Naval Exercise. Greetings to our glorious history, greetings to our glorious ancestors.”

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Preveza Victory was re-enacted in the Golden Horn

The Directorate of Communications has also carried out a magnificent work in which Preveza Naval Victory was performed by a 3D hologram show.

The show, where the Preveza Victory was displayed on the “water-screen” with a platform set up in the Golden Horn, Istanbul, met with the audiences via the Presidency and Directorate of Communications’ YouTube channels and social media accounts, and television channels.

The Directorate also produced a virtual reality (VR) video about the Preveza Naval Victory.

The struggle for the “Blue Homeland” was versified 

In the anthem and video prepared for the Preveza Naval Victory by the Directorate of Communications, the struggle for the "Blue Homeland" from past to present was featured.

In the video starting with the words of Barbaros Kheireddin Pasha, the Captain of the Sea, emphasizing the importance of dominance in the seas, while the Battle of Preveza was re-enacted, the images from Turkey’s “Blue Homeland” activities were included as well.

In the video which points out the importance of the Mediterranean in defence of the homeland, emphasized by the order of Ghazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, “Armies, your first goal is the Mediterranean” in the War of Independence, Arif Nihat Asya’s poem, “Bayrak (Flag)”, recited by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, was also featured.

“The Republic of Turkey is not a newborn state”

In his statement on programs and projects with the theme of Preveza Naval Victory, Director of Communications, Prof. Fahrettin Altun, said “We pay regard to recalling our historical and national victories, special days and important figures. We believe that we give an important message to the world while keeping the awareness of history alive and refreshing the memory of our nation by commemorating and reviving our glorious victories. The following truth should never be forgotten; the Republic of Turkey is not a newborn state. The Preveza Naval Victory is one of the most significant proofs of this truth. Under the leadership of our President, we work with all our strength to carry the great heritage we inherited from our history full of glorious victories forward into the future by empowering it. We will continue to convey the values that breathe into our nation to future generations with innovative projects by using the means of communication, arts, and technology.”