Statement on recently re-rising racism and anti-Islamism in various European countries

The racist, fascist, anti-Muslim, and xenophobic understanding, which has been rising as a result of the far-right politics that have gained substantial momentum in Europe for a few years, has almost reached its peak in recent weeks.

Police raids on mosques, organized attacks against all values of the religion of Islam, insulting and exclusionary attitudes of high-level politicians and organizations towards Muslims both deeply upset and anger all Muslims of the world.

This crowd, mainly led by French President Emmanuel Macron and Geert, a Dutch politician, are hiding behind values such as the freedom of expression, democracy, and pluralism, and consistently insulting and slandering Islam, Muslims, Turkey, the Turkish nation, and all our values, and thus unbelievably provoking the Islamic world.

Finally, the so-called cartoon, digitally published today as a new provocation and insult operation by the so-called media organization Charlie Hebdo, has made it clear that the sole purpose of this crowd is to increase the insult level and escalate tension gradually.

We strongly condemn the despicable cartoon published by Charlie Hebdo, which can represent nothing but the dirty swamp called “enmity to Turkey and Islam,” in which Europe sinks a little more every day, and all the provocative actions that have been done. 

Our nation may rest assured that necessary legal and diplomatic steps will be taken against this cartoon. In the face of these worthless, ill-intentioned, libellous steps, our struggle will continue based on our common sense but in a determined manner till the end. 

From the point of view of the saying "Neither Holy nor Roman, nor an Empire" by Voltaire concerning the Holy Roman Empire centuries ago, the silence kept in the face of the haunting of this sick mentality to its full extent, which has taken Europe between its claws, especially in France, shows the whole world that neither the equality of France is equality, nor its fraternity is fraternity, nor its freedom is freedom. 

We call on all countries, in particular, France as well as all administrators to take necessary steps against the provocative attacks that took place in recent weeks responsibly and equitably, to struggle against this understanding that trampled on all values as well as its supporters.