Statement by the Directorate of Communications

Republican People’s Party (CHP) leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu categorized and described the media during his party’s Turkish National Grand Assembly (TNGA) group meeting as “partisan” and “dissident," and made a number of unfair accusations against our institution.

First of all, we would like to indicate that we never accept discriminatory and exclusionary remarks about the media sector. This approach, which puts many journalists and media professionals under suspicion, discriminates between them and thus increases polarization in society, is an approach that should be avoided by politicians in terms of being responsible and prudent.

Among the duties of the Directorate of Communications is to carry out the required work so as to regulate relations with the media, to make arrangements and to take necessary measures to facilitate the work of domestic and foreign press and media organs and professionals.

Across the world, mass communication tools are regulated by governments according to certain rules, principles and laws. In addition, in terms of information and logistics the media sector benefits from the public. We are working to ensure that the media field complies with the law and contributes to democratic politics and participatory democracy, on the one hand, thus becoming really the fourth power, and on the other, to make contributions on behalf of the public to the media sector.

The disposal and practices of our Directorate of Communications are entirely within the scope of existing laws and regulations. There is no practice that is illegitimate or illegal. The applications are evaluated and finalized within the framework of the press card regulation. We understand the ambitions to make technical issues, such as who is provided by our Directorate of Communications with press cards and when, a part of politics, but we would like to point out that nothing could be achieved in this manner.

The Directorate of Communications is also liable to perform the task of working against processes of unfair accusations, black propaganda and disinformation against Turkey. We regrettably indicate that some opposition actors involved in Turkish politics occasionally contribute to such processes of unfair accusations, black propaganda and disinformation.

As the Directorate of Communications, we would like to clarify that we safeguard not the media institutions’ political or ideological approaches, but merely the public interest. All our practices and approaches since our establishment have been a clear indication of this.                                                                    

Respectfully announced to the public.