Public statement about Istanbul Seven Hills Concerts

It is deemed essential to issue a statement about the comments and news consisting of lies and distortion regarding “Istanbul Seven Hills Concerts,” organized by the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey.

Our State has provided a wide spectrum of multidimensional and inclusive support for all individuals and sectors affected by the measures taken in the process of combating the coronavirus (Covid-19).

In addition to especially the financial assistance extended for individuals, many sectors and segments ranging from retail to transportation, and arts to sports have been supported, and efforts have been exerted to enable our country and nation to overcome this process with minimum impact.

The music sector, which is one of the sectors most affected by the process, has not been left out, either.

Within this context, a series of concerts have been initiated upon the instructions of our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in order to support the music sector during a period when everyone had to stay at home due to the measures to fight Covid-19.

In this way, both the revival of the sector has been ensured and our nation has been enabled to meet musicians and cultural and art activities.

During the normalization process, a  new series of concerts called “Istanbul Seven Hills Concerts” have been added to the program, which began with the concert “From 7 Hills to 7 Continents” on April 23 and continued with the “Eid at Home Concerts on Turkey’s Cultural Treasures Stage” on May 19-26 under the coordination of the Directorate of Communications. 

Nearly 60 artists will take the stage as part of "Istanbul Seven Hills Concerts," which started on June 9 and will be held every day for a month.

Thanks to these concerts, which once again demonstrated our state’s support for arts and the artists, the opportunity for re-employment was created after three months for thousands of sector employees ranging from musicians to sound and light technicians, and stage supervisors to the technical staff.

Unfortunately, some social media accounts and news stories are trying to defame the activities with a lie, saying, "Istanbul Seven Hill Concerts cost 30 million liras.” These allegations are absolutely insubstantial.

Thousands of musicians and sector employees behind those concerts, as well as the efforts they expend are ignored with such unfounded rumours. 

A total of over five thousand artists, musicians and employees have worked hard for and sweated over these concerts.

Despite this fact, there are those who carry out perception management operations with unfounded allegations, lies and distortions regarding Istanbul Seven Hills Concerts on social media as well as other media, and legal action will be taken against them.

Those who try to hide the truth in their hate-filled darkness must know that the MUSIC WILL NOT BE SILENCED!

“The economic and social support campaigns that our state launched by embracing all segments have been appreciated by the entire world”

In a statement about Istanbul Seven Hills Concerts, Deputy Director of Communications Çağatay Özdemir made the following remarks:

“During the pandemic, our state has stood by every sector with the support it has provided, and has extended its hand of compassion to our millions of citizens. This is our response to the lies and slanders regarding the concerts that we have organized in order to help people forget the stress caused by the pandemic to some extent and to support the music sector. 

The economic and social support campaigns that our state launched by embracing all segments without any discrimination between the sectors, and its successful process management have been appreciated by the entire world. It is the fundamental duty of our state to protect and safeguard the rights of our labourer brothers and sisters in every sector.

It is an act of insincerity to use as a political instrument the concerts, which are organized in order to mitigate the distressing environment suffered by our nation due to the pandemic and to support the long-stagnant music sector.

It is an obligation to provide support to the music sector, just as we have supported every other sector, and to take into consideration the families of the labourers in that sector. The so-called labourer-friendly circles, who care for the laborers as long as they can take advantage of them for their dirty politics, have once again shown their true colours.

I would like to reiterate that we will continue to be there for our laborers of art, just as we have been for every other sector. #MüzikSusmayacak (Music will not be silenced).”