Promotional video released for the Presidential concert on April 23

Promotional video for the concert to be organized with the slogan “From 7 hills to 7 continents” by the Presidency on April 23 National Sovereignty and Children’s Day has been released.

A call for love and unity will be made from the skies of Istanbul to the whole world through the concert to be broadcast on the YouTube channel of the Directorate of Communications.

The promotional video features the landmarks of Istanbul including the Hagia Sophia Museum, the Maiden’s Tower, Topkapı  Palace, Galata Tower, Dolmabahçe Palace, the Golden Horn and July 15 Martyrs’ Bridge.

The concert to be broadcast on the YouTube channel of the Directorate of Communications will start with Yunus Emre’s words, “The world is my true ration, and its people are my nation”.

Through the concert, a message of solidarity will be given to the whole world with the performances of our valuable artists at seven different locations in Istanbul during this tough period due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition to providing medical supplies to many countries battling the pandemic, the Presidency will emphasize the awareness of unity and integrity by bringing hearts together in Istanbul, where the continents meet.  

Our pianist İdil Biret, one of the world's leading performers of the 9th Symphony of Ludwig van Beethoven's piano compositions made by Franz Liszt, will perform this immortal work of art, also known as the ‘Symphony of Humanity’, in the Bosporus.

Yunus Emre’s cantus “Ben Yürürem Yane Yane” at the Maiden’s Tower 

Harpist Şirin Pancaroğlu and vocal artist Bora Uymaz will perform Yunus Emre’s cantus “Ben Yürürem Yane Yane” at the Maiden’s Tower.

Ney performer Yavuz Akalın will perform “Segah Pesrev” (Yusuf Pasha) at Hagia Sophia, lute player Murat Bağdatlı will perform “Kürdilihicazkar Longa” (Kemani Sebuh) at Topkapı Palace, flute artist Elif Yurdakul Baykurt will perform “Syrinx” (Claude Debussy) at Galata Tower, tanbur player Özer Özel and kemancha player Aslıhan Özel will perform “Nihavend Saz Semai” (Mesut Cemil Bey) at Dolmabahçe Palace and the qanun player Serkan Mesut Halili will perform “Şehnaz Longa” (Santuri Ethem Bey) at Pierre Loti Hill. 

During the concert, which will held with wonderful scenes of Istanbul in the background, works from both Classical Turkish Music and Classical Western Music will be performed, while the music will be accompanied by messages of love and unity belonging to important thinkers of the Eastern and Western world ranging from Yunus Emre, Mevlana, Hacı Bektaş-ı Veli and Pir Sultan Abdal to Immanuel Kant, Thomas Aquinas, and Alphonse de Lamartine.