Press Release: For the Attention of Resident International Press Members in Turkey

International press members who are resident in Turkey should renew their press cards every year. In addition, the press members can also apply for new cards due to various reasons such as changes in organization and residence, lost/stolen, passport expiration date cases etc.

Press card applications for 2021 will be accepted as of 02 November 2020. Press card applications can only be made online and those who will apply for a new card with the above-mentioned reasons should use their previous e-mail address and password. Applications made from different e-mail addresses shall not be accepted.

The press members who cannot remember their e-mail address can contact our Directorate of Communications. (Press members who cannot remember their e-mail address should under no circumstance click on the “Sign Up” link in the web page.)

Press members who remember their e-mail address but cannot remember their password can click on “Forgot Password” in the web page.



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