President Erdoğan’s messages for 10 November published into a booklet

President Erdoğan’s messages for 10 November published into a booklet

The speech made by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan during the Commemoration Ceremony for Atatürk held at Atatürk Supreme Council for Culture, Language and History on November 10, 2019 was published into a booklet and distributed at high schools.

President Erdoğan's speech at the Commemoration Ceremony for Atatürk on November 10, 2019 was published into a booklet of 28 pages for this work prepared in cooperation with the Directorate of Communications and the Ministry of Education.

The aim of this work was to convey Atatürk's vision for the Republic of Turkey and President Erdoğan's unity messages to high school students across Turkey.

The messages standing out in the booklet are as follows:

“A century ago, Ghazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who opened a new horizon for our nation by starting the Independence War, is one of the most important values ​​of this nation.

The greatest contribution to Atatürk and our Republic is to hold firmly to our unity, brotherhood, and especially our 2023 goals in this critical period our country is going through.

Ghazi Mustafa Kemal’s words “There is no defense line, but a defense territory, and that territory is the entire homeland.” tells us very well what we all should do including the ruling party, opposition and people from all walks of life.

Today, no individual in our country has the luxury of thinking only of his own interests, his own benefits and his own profits.

Together, we all need to work to take our country out of this high-pressure atmosphere by gaining strength and then to achieve its goals.

This struggle will be carried out by each individual in his own place, in his own position, in every task and in his own area of ​​responsibility.

All of us will do our jobs in the best way. When we achieve this in every corner of our homeland, there is no trouble that our country cannot overcome by Allah's permission.

Turkey's main strength is not the artillery, neither the guns nor the gun-bayonets. Turkey's main strength is our people's unity, solidarity, brotherhood, and the courage resulting therefrom.

When we are all like one fist and breathe down on the neck of our enemies, it is impossible for anyone to stand in front of us no matter how strong they are politically, economically and militarily. In the last few years alone, we have experienced this many times.

Surely, it is the duty of everyone to defend the Republic of Turkey, which is the last state of our thousands year old existence, as well as its founder. However, while doing this, we should not be unfair to the past, especially to the Ottoman Empire. The plane tree planted in Söğüt by the Ottomans had lived successfully for 600 years, over 3 continents and in 7 climates with glory, honor, justice and success.

Our history is our orbit. Just like a celestial body leaving its orbit is doomed to disappear in eternal darkness, so are societies. This is the aim of those who try to break Turkish nation’s ties with their past in order to remove it from its historical orbit.

We work day and night in all areas to defend the Republic and to be worthy of those who entrust the Republic to us. Hopefully, we are determined to bring our country to the highest league in the world by achieving 2023 goals. This is how we should understand and commemorate Atatürk.”