Presidency’s “Istanbul Seven Hills Concerts” continue

The Istanbul Seven Hills Concerts continue after a two-day break due to the earthquake that occurred in Bingöl.

The new schedule of concerts, the first 10 days of which were previously announced, has been declared for the period until July 3. A total of 9 singers took the stage on the first 5 days of the concert series.

The concerts initiated by the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey during the period when everyone had to stay at home due to the measures taken to battle the coronavirus (Covid-19) also continue in the normalization process.

A new series of concerts called “Istanbul Seven Hills Concerts” has been added to the program coordinated by the Directorate of Communications which began with the concert “From 7 Hills to 7 Continents” on April 23 and continued with the “Eid at Home Concerts on Turkey’s Cultural Treasures Stage” on May 19-26.

A total of nearly 60 singers will perform along with thousands of musicians at the “Istanbul Seven Hills Concerts,” which started on June 9 and will take place every day for a month.
The concerts which are broadcast every day at 21:00 on the social media accounts of the Presidency and the Directorate of Communications meet music lovers also on TV channels.

Parade of Stars

The first 10-day program of the “Istanbul Seven Hills Concerts” to be held in Kuruçeşme along the Bosphorus was previously announced.

The schedule of concerts, which featured the performances of Ajda Pekkan on June 9, Sibel Can on June 10, Demet Akalın and Alişan on June 11, Funda Arar and Hakan Peker on June 12, Ümit Besen, Cengiz Kurtoğlu and Arif Susam on June 13, had to include a two-day break due to the earthquake that took place in Bingöl.

The schedule of the concerts to continue as of June 16 until July 3 has been announced.

The names of singers who will take the stage as part of “Istanbul Seven Hills Concerts” on the upcoming days are as follows:

June 16 - Işın Karaca, Coşkun Sabah

June 17 - Serdar Ortaç, Sinan Akçıl

June 18 - Muazzez Ersoy, Zekai Tunca

June 19 - Özhan Eren, Orhan Hakalmaz, Ceyhun Çelikten

June 20 - Ebru Yaşar, Bülent Serttaş

June 21 - Nükhet Duru, Selami Şahin

June 22 - Hande Yener, Kutsi

June 23 - Murat Dalkılıç, Gökhan Tepe

June 24 - Yavuz Bingöl, Hilal Özdemir

June 25 - Fatih Kısaparmak, Gülay

June 26 - Zerrin Özer, Ümit Sayın

June 27 - Melihat Gülses, Sami Özer

June 28 - Uğur Işılak, Şükriye Tutkun

June 29 - Mustafa Keser, Burcu Güneş

June 30 - Özdemir Erdoğan, Emre Altuğ

July 1 - Metin Şentürk, Derya Uluğ

July 2 - Murat Kekilli, Merve Özbey

July 3 - Berkay, Bengü

The schedule of “Istanbul Seven Hills Concerts” for the period after July 3 will be announced in the upcoming days. Esat Kabaklı, Mustafa Yıldızdoğan, and İbrahim Sadri previously took the stage and shared the joy of conquest at the "Conquest of Istanbul Special Concert Program," organized by the Directorate of Communications within the scope of events to mark the 567th anniversary of the Conquest of Istanbul.