MoU for Turkey and Azerbaijan Joint Media Platform to be signed tomorrow

“Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Turkey and Azerbaijan on Strategic Cooperation in the field of Media” will be signed during President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's visit to Azerbaijan tomorrow.

With the memorandum of understanding that will be signed by Presidency’s Director of Communications Fahrettin Altun on behalf of Turkey and by Assistant to the President Hikmet Hajiyev on behalf of Azerbaijan under the supervision of President Erdoğan and Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, a “Joint Media Platform” will be established in order to strengthen the existing friendly relations between the two countries and to develop cooperation in the field of media.

With the platform that will operate effectively to ensure that the media of the two countries act in coordination, it is aimed to establish a strategic media partnership through strengthening the relations and cooperation between Turkey and Azerbaijan in the fields of media and communication. 

Media and Communication Bridge

Knowledge, richness, experience, and resources in the field of media will be shared to establish a healthy media relations infrastructure and the official agencies of the two countries operating in the field of media will carry out joint activities within the scope of the Joint Media Platform.

Through the platform that will work towards combating jointly against the disinformation encountered in the international arena and informing the world public correctly, joint activities will be carried out in the fields of television and cinema; partnerships will be established with different media and sector representatives; vocational training and exchange programs will be organised; and a communication bridge will be established between the opinion leaders of the two countries. 

“Two States, One Nation, Joint Media”

Presidency’s Director of Communications Fahrettin Altun made the following statement regarding the formation of the Turkey-Azerbaijan Joint Media Platform: 

“We are further strengthening our fraternity in a strategic area with new cooperation by also incorporating the ‘joint media’ slogan into the 'two states, one nation" motto of Turkey and Azerbaijan. I hope our Joint Media Platform will be auspicious for our countries and peoples. Under the leadership of our President and Mr. Aliyev, we are sending a very strong message of solidarity to the whole world. We have recently understood much better the critical importance of taking joint action against the attacks faced by Turkey and Azerbaijan. As part of Azerbaijan’s fight to rescue Nagorno-Karabakh from the occupation of Armenia, we witnessed acceleration in reputation assassinations and perception management operations against both Turkey and Azerbaijan. As a result, we saw that it is vital to enhance the cooperation between Turkey and Azerbaijan in the fields of media, communication, and public diplomacy. It is obviously quite valuable to establish the Joint Media Platform towards this end. We will carry out joint activities widely ranging from delivering correct information to both our people and the international public in the fastest way to combating information pollution, falsified news, and disinformation. Undoubtedly, our platform will strengthen our countries in terms of carrying out positive communication campaigns and fighting against black propaganda. I believe that the unity and solidarity to be set forth in different media channels will also cement the brotherly relations between the states and peoples of Turkey and Azerbaijan. "

Assistant to the President of Azerbaijan Hikmet Hajiyev stated that the close relations built up between Turkey and Azerbaijan, who always stood by each other in all circumstances, in media and communication field will also provide significant benefits.

Pointing out President Erdoğan and Azerbaijani President Aliyev’s resolution in deepening and strengthening the bilateral relations between the two countries, Hikmet Hajiyev said, "Azerbaijan-Turkey Joint Media Platform will be a major initiative to consolidate our efforts in this direction".

Joint Working Commission

Following the enforcement of the Memorandum of Understanding between Turkey and Azerbaijan on Strategic Cooperation in the field of Media, a joint working commission will be appointed to elaborate a plan concerning the realisation of the Joint Media Platform within three months.

The Joint Working Commission will hold regular meetings alternately in the two countries. The Commission will present the detailed plan, which will include the financing and calendar of the platform, to the authorities of the two countries within three months after its establishment.

In practice, according to the MoU that imposes equal responsibilities to the two countries, Turkey and Azerbaijan will be responsible for taking the necessary steps to the benefit of the Joint Media Platform.