Directorate of Communications opens “Ara Güler Digital Photography Exhibition”

Directorate of Communications opens “Ara Güler Digital Photography Exhibition”

“Ara Güler Digital Photography Exhibition” held by the Directorate of Communications was opened to visitors in Taksim.

Citizens have shown great interest in the exhibition opened in the digital display centre in Taksim Square and featuring photographs taken by Güler displayed by projectors on the stage.

The exhibition jointly held by Ara Güler Archive and Research Centre and the Directorate of Communications features more than 200 photographs taken by Ara Güler in different time periods.

Mayor of İstanbul’s Beyoğlu district Haydar Ali Yıldız, who visited the exhibition, said Ara Güler was one of Turkey’s most important values and added: "I believe that this exhibition provides an opportunity to gain a better understanding of Ara Güler, this land, and this country. Güler has great value for Beyoğlu, İstanbul, and our country. His work has a ground-breaking quality in the history of photography. The values he upheld make allegiance to this land much more valuable. The exhibition includes photographs of old İstanbul, prominent figures as well as photographs from around the world.”

The exhibition will be open to visitors until Sunday, December 29.