The photo exhibition titled “Those Sheltering in Our Heart” has been held by Directorate General of Press and Information (DGPI) and the Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD) on the occasion of the World Humanitarian Day of August 19 at the DGPI Press-Culture and Art Centre. The opening of the exhibition was made by Deputy Prime Ministers Prof. Dr. Recep AKDAĞ and Hakan ÇAVUŞOĞLU.

The exhibition was honoured by the visit of; Gabriel Munuera Vinals, Deputy Head of the EU Delegation to Turkey, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Deputy Representative Paolo Artini and AFAD President Mehmet Güllüoğlu as well as ambassadors, bureaucrats and international press members.

This exhibition features a visual archive of millions of people, namely “Those Sheltering in Our Heart”, who have fled the threat of assimilation and oppression in fear of their lives from the four corners of the world and taken refuge in our hearts for the last 80 years since the 1930s.

After the opening ceremony, Syrian refugee kids’ choir of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality staged a performance with the theme of "peace".