The Art Exhibition containing pictures taken, paintings and mosaics made by the children from Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Ensar Community Centre was inaugurated with a ceremony at the DGPI Press Culture and Arts Centre. Turkey Representative of International Organization for Migration Vladimir Gvilava, Japan's Ambassador to Turkey Akio Miyajima, Deputy Director General of Press and Information Şimal Bulguroğlu, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Health and Social Services Department Head Mehmet Abdullah Aksoy and the children participated in the opening ceremony.

On behalf of the hosting institution Deputy Director General of Press and Information Şimal Bulguroğlu made an opening speech at the exhibition and said that due to the crisis in the region and persecution of the terrorist organizations, more than 6 million Syrians were forced to leave their homes and that 5.5 million of them sought refuge in neighbouring countries, out of which 3.5 million are hosted in Turkey. Bulguroğlu stating that, “As the Directorate General of Press and Information, we place a particular importance to sharing the situation of our Syrian brothers with the world public opinion,” and added that a few months ago DGPI shared the Turkish people’s approach from the past to the present on the refugee issue with the world public opinion by hosting an exhibition titled "Those Sheltering in Our Heart". Bulguroğlu expressed that she was pleased to be hosting the exhibition of the works of the Turkish and Syrian children living in harmony in Gaziantep at the Press Culture and Arts Centre.

Speaking on behalf of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, Mehmet Abdullah Aksoy, Head of the Department of Health and Social Services, said that they did not see migration as a burden and carried out activities aimed at revealing the power of refugees with projects such as the Ensar Community Centre. Aksoy said, "Since the beginning of migration in 2011 until 2015, when the refugees reached their own borders many countries have ignored this reality. The Government of Republic of Turkey has struggled alone with the issue for 4 years, while Europe was blind and deaf to the situation."

Turkey Representative of International Organization for Migration Vladimir Gvilava, who conducts  the Ensar Community Centre project together with Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, stated that he congratulated all the initiatives implemented by Turkey, who hosts the most number of refugees, to provide a better life for the refugee children and their families while many countries in the world have turned their backs on this reality. Gvilava stated that this art exhibition is of great importance for children to express themselves and gain self-confidence.

Ambassador of Japan to Turkey Akio Miyajima, gave a part of his speech in Turkish. He underlined that, despite the geographical distance, Japan stands in solidarity with Turkish government on their approach towards refugees. Miyajima concluded his words, stating that he dreamt of a Middle East where children could return to their homes in peace and as soon as possible.

Following the speeches, Aksoy, Bulguroğlu, Gvilava and Miyajima together with the children cut the ribbon of the exhibition.

Ensar Community Centre’s children's art exhibition will be open to visitors until February 7th at DGPI Press Culture and Arts Centre.