DGPI Press-Culture and Arts Centre was inaugurated with the event “A Ramadan Night”, where ambassadors, representatives of foreign missions, bureaucrats and journalists met and Turkish culture and traditional Ramadan recreations were displayed.

Guests were welcomed with the shows of an acrobat with a peg leg and fire play at the entrance of the building. The hall was arranged in the form of a Ramadan street and illuminated by bulbs used in Ramadan. Stands were built for the artists of silk weaving, tile-making, glass blowing and Tokat style hand painted kerchiefs. The artists not only performed their arts, but also practiced with the guests. The Syrian refugee children, who are guests of Turkey, also created beautiful designs of Turkish water marbling in the same area.

Stands for traditional Ottoman toffee paste and Maraş ice-cream were also built on Ramadan Street. Karagöz and Hacivat shadow play was exhibited at another corner of the hall. Whirling dervish show by the artists of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism received a great deal of attention. Models of Ankara Maturity Institute took the podium with Syrian children to display traditional Turkish costumes. Turkish Folk Music concert and the performance by State Ensemble of Folk Dances were also staged. During the event, local flavours of Turkish cuisine were offered.