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The duties of the Department of Human Resources of the Directorate General are:

  • Preparing the staff offers, conducting related works for canceling and creating staff and employment in accordance with the labor force planning and personnel policy of the Directorate General,
  • Conducting related works for appointing, relocating, promoting the staff as well as arranging the leaves of the staff,
  • Evaluating the internship applications to the Directorate General and conducting the related work,
  • Arranging and implementing training plans and programs in accordance with the in-service-training demands of the departments.
  • Arranging service and diplomatic passport applications for the staff in charge

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Information Department carries out the duties of effectively informing the international community about the State and government activities and services, and determining their impact on the international community. The department engages in international promotion activities in cooperation with all public institutions and organizations as well as private organizations. It works towards improving relations in the field of press and cooperates with other countries.

The Department takes and implements measures to facilitate the activities of foreign media outlets and their employees. It organizes events including international conferences and seminars. It establishes and manages press centers on occasions including general and local elections, disasters, international events etc.

The Department prepares visit programs for foreign press members visiting Turkey upon the invitation of the Directorate General, arranges meetings with requested officials and organizations. It enables meetings with relevant media outlets to acquaint foreign press members with members of the Turkish press and to provide them information on the Turkish press. It takes and implements measures to facilitate the professional activities of foreign press members accompanying foreign heads of state and government paying official visits to Turkey. It provides necessary support to facilitate the professional activities of foreign press members visiting Turkey upon the invitation of certain individuals, institutions and organizations as well as with their own means; and issues ‘Temporary Press Card’ valid up to 3 months as per the Press Card Code to these foreign press members upon their application being found eligible.

The Department carries out the permanent accreditation of foreign press members assigned to Turkey on a permanent basis, issues permanent Press Card to press members under this scope, provides assistance for residence permit extensions and customs procedures, ensures coordination with other institutions and organizations to facilitate appointments and applications for filming permissions.

The Department organizes events in the field of media participated by local and foreign press members, opinion leaders, academicians and bureaucrats with a view to creating regional and international collaboration mechanisms and contributing to the promotion of Turkey. Such events include the Media Forums of the Turkish-Speaking Countries and Communities (Ankara, Baku, Bishkek), Balkan Countries Media Forum, Turkish-Arab Media Forum, Turkey-Africa Media Forum, Europe and North America Media Gatherings, and the International Conference on Islamophobia: Law and Media.

The Department also prepares the “Turkey Book” published in 12 languages as part of the promotional activities. “Turkey Book” provides detailed information on the political, social, economic and legal situation as well as natural beauties of Turkey.

Besides the duties outlined above, the Department monitors projects on the promotion of Turkey. It presents DGPI’s relevant projects to the Promotion Fund Board. Receiving financial resources from the Promotion Fund Board, the Department monitors the implementation of DGPI’s projects approved by the Board as well as other projects coordinated by DGPI, and delivers opinion on projects submitted to the opinion of DGPI by the Promotion Fund Board.

Furthermore, the Department undertakes the secretariat services of the Office of Public Diplomacy.

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Department of Press and Publications takes necessary measures to facilitate the work of press members, runs projects that support the local media, works in the field of new media via social media and its website and publishes various materials in line with its task to support the Turkish media.

The department is structured into six units: Press Cards, Publications, Visual Services, Projects, New Media and Public Relations.

In line with the fact that strong local media is the key to strong democracy, the department organises activities that support local media. Some of those activities are trainings, seminars, journalist exchange programmes, local and regional media gatherings and media encouragement contests.

The department has the task of maintaining a database of Turkish media. Data records related to all periodicals published in Turkey are kept by the department and shared with public under the Turkish Press menu on the website

Department of Press and Publications issues press cards that facilitate the work of press members and help preserve the dignity of journalism. Press cards are issued upon the decision of the Press Card Commission that is composed of DGPI officials and media associations and the approval of DGPI.

The department publishes the “History of the Month” that dates back to the 1920’s. It is a compilation of national and international news about economy, politics and society published by the national press and is a valuable source for historians and researchers. It is published each month and also has an online edition.

One of the publications of the department is “Communication and Diplomacy”- a biannual peer-reviewed academic journal which includes articles related to social sciences such as communication, political science, international relations, public administration, sociology, language and history. It is free of charge and has an online edition.

Department of Press and Publications closely follows the rapid developments in communication technologies. With an active presence in social media and on the web, the department is a pioneer in this field. It works on new methods and approaches for the adaptation of the Turkish media to the “new media”; makes researches on web-based and mobile applications and opportunities in social media to help traditional media catch the future and retain its power; offers consulting services to actors in media and government.

DGPI holds one of the largest archives among the public offices in Turkey. Department of Press and Publications has been converting the approximately 500,000 photos in the archive into digital. The department also organises photo exhibitions and publishes books in this field.

Department of Press and Publications is responsible for the public relations of DGPI.

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The duties of the Department of Research and Analysis are:

a) To carry out strategic communication and promotion activities through traditional and new media tools and to establish an effective communication process with local and mainstream members of the media through new media channels,

b) To conduct research and implementation activities that will ensure the integration of media organizations into the new media system in Turkey,

c) To carry out, within the context of Turkey's foreign policy, continuous follow-up, research, analysis and reporting on the publications of the media organizations of countries and regions that were effectively contacted with,

d) To conduct research, analysis and reporting activities for the development of effective communication strategies in the direction of Turkey's foreign policy by consulting and cooperating with other institutions and organizations,

e) To design and report theoretical and practical activities in the field of strategic communication, publicity and public diplomacy in the regional and international context, and in line with Turkey's foreign policy priorities.

f)  To carry out other duties assigned by the Directorate General.

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The duties of the Department of Strategy Development are:

  • Determining the middle and long term strategies and policies of the Directorate General within the frame of the national development strategy and policies and the government program and conducting necessary works to reach the determined goals,
  • Developing performance and quality criteria,
  • Gathering, analyzing and interpreting all the necessary data and information concerning management, services and performance,
  • Conducting necessary services regarding management information systems,
  • Preparing the budget and expense program of the Directorate General,
  • Preparing the annual report of the Directorate General,
  • Coordinating the preparations of the management investment program,
  • Conducting financial pre-audit activities.
  • Conducting necessary works in an attempt to set up internal control system, to implement and to develop standards.
  • Allocating subventions for the offices of the Directorate General both at home and abroad.
  • Developing the vision, mission and strategic targets for the Directorate General
  • Conducting necessary R&D activities within the scope of the responsibilities of the Directorate General
  • Conducting the risk analysis on an annual  basis

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Tasks and areas of responsibility of the Department of Support Services are as follows:

  • procurement of necessary equipment and other supplies
  • running the financial services and transactions
  • registry
  • security services
  • communication services
  • transportation
  • cleaning
  • food services
  • art gallery

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Department of Translation primarily carries out translation and interpreting services of the Directorate General of Press and Information.

The related staff of the Department daily monitors the most recent news, statements and articles published in national newspapers and translates the selected ones into English, French, German, Russian, Spanish and Arabic so as to inform the international community on the Turkish agenda and publishes them on the English, Arabic and Russian web pages of the Directorate General. In addition, the speeches and statements of the President, Parliamentary Speaker, Prime Minister, ministers and directors of relevant public institutions and agencies particularly on the international relations of Turkey are monitored and translated into English, French, German, Russian, Spanish and Arabic and published on the website so that international press members can follow up the agenda. The coordination and updating of the English, Russian and Arabic web pages of the website of the Directorate General are also conducted by the Department of Translation.

In addition to the above-stated duties and responsibilities, the Department of Translation also responds to translation and interpreting (consecutive and simultaneous) requests of the Office of the Prime Minister when needed. 

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News Department monitors foreign press in order to keep track of developments related to Turkey abroad and immediately submits relevant news to the highest echelons of state. The Department provides the technical services and hardware required for collecting, evaluating, submitting to authorities, and storing news.

The Department browses news in 26 languages to collect the news, which serve as an open source of intelligence for the state. The Department monitors the leading media outlets across the world, 25 foreign and 1 local news agencies, 300 internet news sites, 40 foreign television channels and 4 important radio stations, and records and processes all news and opinions about Turkey.

The Department receives the translations of news, opinion articles and publications from the 39 Press Offices abroad on a daily basis and submits them to authorities together with their original format. It also provides access to archived news for authorities on the State Information System (DES).

The Department prepares “Foreign Press Assessment” and “Mainstream Press Assessment” reports covering the development in Turkey as well as across the world. Foreign Press Assessment reports are prepared by a content analysis of the news on a specific topic on DES. Mainstream Press Assessment reports are prepared by a media analysis based on the data collected from the Turkish press on a selected topic.

The Department uploads 35 mainstream and 200 local newspapers to DES. In this scope, the clippings of 65 thousand local newspapers are uploaded to DES and an average of 15 thousand local news items are published on the Directorate General’s official website annually. Mainstream and local media contents are clipped and submitted to the attention of the highest echelons of state under the Turkish Press menu of the system on a daily basis. Moreover, news selected from the mainstream media and news agencies are compiled under the daily “World”, “Recent Developments”, “Economy and Politics” bulletins. These bulletins are published on DES iPad-iPhone applications.

The Department publishes news summaries in English on the official website of the Directorate General on a daily basis for foreign nationals wishing to keep track of the latest developments in Turkey, and also prepares the “Turkey in World Media” bulletin from the compiled news.

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The duties of the Legal Consultancy Department of the Directorate General are:

  • Providing the staff of the Directorate General with information on legal issues and on transactions which may lead to legal, financial or penal consequences,
  • Taking the necessary precautions in due time so as to protect the interests of the Directorate General and to help concluding agreements and contracts in accordance with these principles,
  • Preparing necessary information for administrative and legal lawsuits; representing the Directorate General at the administrative lawsuits which does not come under the Treasury,
  • Preparing the necessary legal offers in an attempt to implement the goals of the Directorate General in a better way and to assure the workflow to carry on in accordance with the legislation, plans and programs,
  • Examining the draft laws, bylaws and regulations which are prepared by other departments of the Directorate General or which are submitted to Directorate General by other public institutions and organizations and delivering their opinion upon examination.

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