Date : 07.12.2017
Source : Anadolu Agency
Source of Image : AA-Orhan Akkanat
Translation Method : Summary Translation

Turkish officials reacted to Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the official capital of Israel:

Deputy Prime Minister Bozdağ: US Decision on Jerusalem is Null and Void for us

Deputy Prime Minister and Government Spokesperson Bekir Bozdağ made the following remarks regarding the U.S. decision on Jerusalem: "We condemn the U.S. for its decision which is an open violation of international law and UN resolutions. For us, this decision is null and void. Muslims and Islamic countries must preserve Jerusalem and its status.”

"U.S. President Trump’s decision is against the historical status of Jerusalem determined by international agreements as well as the reality of the region. The U.S. and its President who made this decision will be first degree responsible for any kind of negative developments in the region from now on." Bozdağ said.

FM Çavuşoğlu: One country's statement cannot make Jerusalem into Israel's capital

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has said one country’s statement cannot make Jerusalem into Israel’s capital.

Cavusoglu's remarks came during his official visit to Serbia's capital Belgrade.

"Despite all warnings, not only from Turkey, not only from the Muslim world, especially from Europe, U.S. President Trump made this statement. This is extremely irresponsible and misleading. We strongly condemn it … we do not accept this announcement because such an explanation dynamites the stability and security of the region, and it is contrary to international law and international agreements.”
“It is also against the decisions of the United Nations. Once United Nations decisions have been made, the internal security of the Security Council must be respected.”

“One country’s statement cannot make Jerusalem into Israel’s capital. The whole world is against it. This is a very wrong decision, a very dangerous decision."

Presidential Spokesperson Kalın: We reject US statement on Jerusalem

Deputy Secretary-General and Spokesperson of the Presidency İbrahim Kalın said: “We reject and condemn US’ irresponsible and illegal decision on Jerusalem. Contrary to what Trump claims, this undermines any hope left for peace. The whole world must reject this provocative move and stand by international agreements and UN decisions.”

“EU Minister and Chief Negotiator Çelik: This is a shameful decision in respect of politics and morality

EU Minister and Chief Negotiator Ömer Çelik posted the following on his Twitter account:  “Whole world must condemn Trump’s decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and to move US Embassy to Jerusalem. This is a shameful decision in respect of politics and morality.”

“Any one from any part of the world, from any religion, who has wisdom and conscience, will not regard this decision legitimate. This illegitimate decision will always be null and void before the real status of Jerusalem.” Çelik said.

Culture and Tourism Minister Numan Kurtulmuş: The decision is an attempt to set the Middle East ablaze

Commenting on the U.S. decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, Culture and Tourism Minister Numan Kurtulmuş said: “This irresponsible statement of the U.S. President is an attempt to set the Middle East ablaze. Considering that almost all of his cabinet members resigned and he is held accountable by the Senate, this decision is nothing but an effort to save his Presidency over blood and war. I am sure Trump will be held accountable by the people of U.S. for this irresponsible decision. I strongly condemn this decision.”

Indicating that they would never make any concessions to the freedom of Palestine and the independent state of Palestine, Kurtulmuş said: "Jerusalem will continue to remain the capital of all people, all religions and the free state of Palestine. We invite all countries respecting freedom, equality and justice to protest Trump’s irresponsible statement and to stand by the aggrieved people of Palestine. We also invite the US authorities to take a stand against this irresponsible statement disregarding the founding values of their country.”