Date : 12.07.2018
Source : Anadolu Agency
Source of Image : AA
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The operational range of the Turkish Central Bank will be expanded through strengthening policy synchronization and unclogging congestion in structural canals in price stability and by combatting inflation, the nation's treasury and finance minister said on Thursday.

"A central bank more effective than ever will be among our policy's main targets in the new era," Berat Albayrak told Anadolu Agency.

Albayrak underlined that it is improper to speculate on the bank's independence and decision-making mechanisms.

"In the new era we will support the Central Bank carrying out a more predictable, straightforward, and decisive monetary policy," said Albayrak.

He said the amount and variety of foreign resources will be boosted while the ministry cooperates with international financial actors and stakeholders.

"Our policies will be determined within the scope of a sustainable and consistent growth target by prioritizing budget discipline, structural reforms, and single-digit inflation," Albayrak said.