Date : 09.01.2019
Source : Directorate of Communications
Source of Image : DoC
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Turkish Presidency’s Director of Communications, Prof. Fahrettin Altun, issued a message due to “January 10 Working Journalists’ Day”.

In his message, Fahrettin Altun said:

“To meet the public's need to receive information with the principles of social responsibility is a must for journalism. Contributing to disseminating the right information to the public with the publications which protect the democratic values, respect the personal rights and safeguard the public interest under all circumstances is a basic motive of journalism.

Turkey, which has become a major actor at the regional and global platforms in recent years, has made important progress towards the formation of a liberal atmosphere that has diversity in the media-an indispensable component of democracy as it has always been in all areas.

While media has attained significant growth through Turkey's achievements after 2002, the freedom of the press is extended to invalidate the unfair, biased and manipulative assessments. Closely following national, regional and global developments with the opportunities provided by this atmosphere and promptly conveying the right messages to the public have become more critical.

I would like to congratulate “January 10 Working Journalists’ Day” of the press members who are trying to fulfill their duties with sacrifice and devotion and through the consciousness of professional liability despite all the difficulties and wish them success in their work.

As the Turkish Presidency’s Director of Communications, I would like to express my sincerity that we will be the supporter of all press members working with a principled, responsible and objective broadcasting approach in all areas.”